Must Have Accessories For Guys And Girls If You Just Started A Professional Career!


2 A Stylish Wristwatch

Sure, you’ve got a cell phone. But do you really want to be at lunch with a client, looking away to your cell just to check the time? You could be seen as rude and disengaged. And that could be the worst giveaway at the start of a career. Your business timepiece should be an elegant, classic, no bigger than your wrist, a sophisticated watch. NB: your watch offers two benefits: it’s an elegant accessory that ups your professional look and – hey – it tells the time too!


3 A Black Or Brown Belt

Style experts advise that your belt and shoes don’t need to match, but should be the same tone – you can have one shade of brown for shoes and another shade of brown for your belt. But don’t mix a brown belt with black shoes (or vice versa). And when your belt shows signs of tear, replace it immediately. A belt is a sign that you are careful about your personality and appearance.


4 A Good Pen

A businessman still needs a good pen for signing documents and writing personal notes. Pick a pen with a point size that’s comfortable – usually a broad or medium. But if your writing is small, go for the fine point. Remember – when your boss asks for a pen, and you are the first one to offer a smart pen, you have earned huge brownie points there! Make good use.


So, men and women, the accessories you wear to work are not the same ones you wear on a Saturday night. And they are a great way to show others that you have a polished complete look. If used correctly, they allow one to show individuality while still looking appropriately dressed for the job.

Make the PERFECT IMPRESSION from the first day on your job!

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