20 Unwritten Rules In India Which All Indians Follow Religiously

Rules Indians follow religiously

Rules Indians follow religiously – There are few rules which every Indian follows, no no, they are not written anywhere but yet every Indian follows these rules.

I am sure every one of you will relate to these rules.

Rules Indians follow religiously –

  1. Bargaining is in our blood while shopping roadside we ask for half the price no matter what, you need to bargain. Bargaining is birth right in India.
  2. A friend’s friend is always a friend in India but sister’s friend is sister and brother’s male friends are your brothers.
  3. While saving numbers Rahul becomes Rina and Rina becomes Raj. Because we don’t want to get beaten with chappals!
  4. Pre-marital sex is a complete sin.
  5. Channels are changed when any erotic scene comes while watching TV with parents.
  6. While marrying parent’s choice is primary rest all comes secondary.
  7. If you rich you can hit, run and get over it easily.
  8. You can ask for dowry its ok its birth right of ladke wala’s.
  9. Weddings are not just for groom and bride, in fact wedding is excuse for big fat wedding and family reunion.
  10. Moms decide how much you have to eat; you need to eat whether or not hungry till your mother feels you have eaten enough.
  11. You never reveal that you are dating.
  12. You are born to be either an Engineer, Doctor, Chartered accountant or minimum MBA holder.
  13. Weddings mean eat till your stomach is completely full, yes man its free food so eat for hours. Everything should be tasted.
  14. Length of girl’s clothes determines her character yes Indian women are judged. Hot pants and bikinis are for bitch’s sanskaari girls don’t wear them
  15. No matter whether your parents or in-laws are right or wrong you can’t disobey them they are always correct by default.
  16. Every man from sabji wala, to doodh wala, to neighbors, hawkers are bhayas to girls and they are address as Bhaya.
  17. Public places are to liter no need to keep them clean.
  18. While dating if we see neighbors we run for our life and never look back
  19. When pissed we curse in English and when we get angry we curse in mother tongue.
  20. For marriage a boy must be earning more than a girl. Girls have to sacrifice her career.

These are the rules Indians follow religiously – These were few unspoken, unwritten weird rules we all follow. Let us know if we missed out any in comments below.

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