How To Bag That Job When You Are Under-Qualified?

How to get a dream job

Have you been looking for a job and everywhere you can only find one with a requirement of work experience or academic qualification more than yours?

Even if you belong to the same field of job as the one you wish to apply to and you feel you can justify the job requirements pretty well, you restrain yourself from applying to the job thinking that you are under-qualified for the position, especially when you go through the listed requirements.

Well, this is a commonplace occurrence with many of us so let us find out how our resume can be built in a way that provokes the recruiter to hire us, even if we are not having 3-5 years of work experience as per the job listing and rather have been working for only 2 years.

Let’s see How to get a job where you are under qualified

A Chrono-Functional Resume Format will serve you best

Instead of focusing on your work history and the years you served in each company, try to bring up skills that would emphasize on the skills you have acquired and learnt all this while. The chrono-functional resume format will deal with your accomplishments and will bring your skills in the picture. Though there will be the mention of when you were working with which company and on what job, yet this resume format will highlight what skills and knowledge you have imbibed during your work experience and even otherwise. Following this format would enable the recruiter to know which of your experiences and skills can be used in the company and have a fair idea on what job profile would best suit you.

However, refrain from making your resume fully functional as certain employers look forward to knowing your exact job responsibilities and the tenure for each job. So, making it chrono-functional would be helpful for both you and the recruiter.


Functional Resume

Functional Resume

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