Holiday planning: Preparing someone’s dream vacation

If you travel and travel smart, this is the job for you.

I love travelling. Every small opportunity and I pack my bags and escape from the noise and dirt of city life. I also keep every record of my vacation including a travelogue.

Recently I received a job offer on my e-mail. A leading holiday website had read my blogs and wanted to me to work as a vacation planner for them.

The job description that followed was very exciting.

Holiday planning or vacation planning is like creating an itinerary for your friends. You become responsible for choosing their travel mode to their accommodation and the places which will give them memories to cherish. Of course, you will have to understand the client’s requirements and budget.

You need not be a super intelligent person for this job, you do not need to have specialty of any kind, and you also do not need to go to office! This peculiar work-from-home condition makes it a job for anyone. You could be a college student, a mom or an elderly.

The skill set that you require are very simple. You should have excellent communication skills as you would be directly talking to the client. You should have travelled a lot and must know about the special features of a place. You should be smart because creating a dream vacation package in budget requires smartmess. In other words, your GK should be strong. You should understand the basic spending economics as you design the whole package for the client.

You should have a laptop or desktop for working and must meet the target on time.

The payment is generally a lump-sum minimum fixed amount (generally Rs 15,000-18,000 per month) which is topped by huge bonus/incentive cheques by the employer after you nail every holiday plan and get a client on-board for the package you created. Also, your phone bills are paid by your employer.

The best part is that you do not need to take any specific course for becoming a holiday planner. Although tourism studies graduates will be preferred for their vast knowledge of the tourist destinations (told you! GK!)

So, if you are a travel junkie and have seen a lot, help others to find that beauty too.

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