We Are 5 Different Friends Whose Enemy Is One Person Who Made Our Lives Hell


The Boss – Dear society you and your Fu***d up rules are enough to make our lives hell

Why the hell life is made so difficult for women at workplace we work more than men get paid less and forget about the respect we aren’t treated equally to men why is my question.  This story is of 5 women whose life was made a living hell by their enemy or so-called boss.  Narrated, by one of my friends out of frustration, helplessness and tear’s in eyes given by

Ok by “MNC” what strikes our mind, big offices, big pay cheque’s, and a wow life but behind those big offices, there are people with smaller mind-sets. In this case, 5 women who worked as a team actually turned into machines thanks to the work pressure. They ended up working post office hours to exceed targets set as obliviously they wanted good appraisals and salary hike. Most of the time the team manager took the credit of work which was worked by these 5 women.

  • He took credit of our plans, presentations, strategies everything and these 5 women all they could do is cry.
  • Despite working more we get paid less than men who are not even worth working.
  • During appraisals, we expected our work would be praised but in fact, we were told if we are not working well and so no hike no bonus. These words broke all 5 of us who are strong like the rock.
  • When questioned he told us you women are just average performers then we showed him targets in sheets and how we exceeded targets. He said maybe you guys cheated how can you exceed targets we 5 of us felt like giving a punch on his face he clearly was lying he knew that well. In fact, he cheated.
  • Before we could escalate the matter to other managers and VP he threatened us by saying he can fire all of us if we don’t stop here. All managers were friends of this psychopath boss of ours.
  • We can’t afford to leave this job as all of us had some or other issues and this job helped us financially.
  • Our enemy or boss is making our lives a living hell every day leaves no chance to shout, or embarrass us, we work more and get paid less.
  • Our enemy feels inferior that we are more intelligent and smart than he is so he is not letting us grow. Damn male ego so pissed off!
  • He is so insecure that one day we will become his boss so has topped us from growing but nothing can stop talented people. Soon we will rule!

Men, please grow up we women are not your slaves. Your male ego is burning us completely.

We are deprived of our rights and freedom. 

In male-driven society sometimes we feel so helpless! We deserve equal pay, equal right equal freedom everywhere be it be house or society or office we are no less! 

Frustrated employee

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