People Underestimate My Freelance Career, Working From Home Doesn’t Make Me Less Ambitious

Freelance career

Freelance career – Freelancing career is always underestimated.

And the reason is lack of knowledge. People ask weird questions to freelancers. Do you get paid? You must be getting rotten peanuts? How do you get money? Don’t you have an office? I never see you working? You are absolutely free why don’t you get a job for yourself? Blah blah blah!

But there are some who feel freelancing is the best career.  You are your own boss, you work from the comfort of home, and you can handle home chores, kids, etc and earn pretty good. But that doesn’t mean freelancers just because they don’t go to the office or wear a suit are less ambitious.

Below are 3 real-life stories of 3 freelancers which will change the way you looked at them forever.

Freelance career – 

Story – 1

I got married to a conservative family so going out and working is a big No, and I’m pretty ambitious since childhood. I have 2 kids and have plenty of free time so decided to take up writing as I was good at English since childhood. One of my friends is a writer who guided me and later I started finding potential clients. Yes, I am a proud “Freelance writer”. To many people, this seems to be a lazy man’s job. Our job is also quite challenging. Regarding money we earn will open your eyes wide as we earn (per hour) 300rs-1000rs.  Some people think poor freelancers might be earning some 5k or 10k little that they know poor are they and we learn much more than what they can think. I am ambitious and earn more than my hubby to support him financially.

Story – 2

I am a guy of 24 years. Started blogging at age of 20, Blogging, my favorite and I hate the way people see it. This doesn’t mean I am lazy all the time or simply doesn’t mean I am not the right one for any other job. It simply and only means that am following what my heart wants and loves. And there is nothing that I must worry about what others think I know people say you don’t work, find a job, etc. I don’t care my parents know I am a blogger and I work and earn.  After all, it’s our life and our ways. Folks I earn too I am not doing time pass I have my own ambitious goals and earn pretty good and one day will make it quite big.

Story – 3

I worked in a company where I was a Graphic designer and earned well but had to give up that for hubby and in-laws, no I am not complaining but yes we women do such sacrifices with a smile. After, 8 years of marriage and 1 kid, I decided to use my skills that I have acquired in the field of graphic designing. Though, initially, it was tough in finding the right clients and the right kind of work that I could do online, just by staying at my place. Later it got better and consistently took off well. For people who think I am boasting off work and earn peanuts I earn more than they all could ever think. It’s all about loving the job we do.

Freelance career – These were three freelancers who work when they like and take a break when they wish and earn a lot and yes they are very ambitious and serious about their career as Freelancers’!

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