Your Career Options In Today’s Fast Growing eCommerce Industry


With the ecommerce industry pacing fast in terms of size, growth and employment opportunities, many fresh enthusiasts are eyeing the sector to land a prolific career.

Let’s have a look at the various options available.

A career in ecommerce can typically offer a role in distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing products and online services or an opportunity to start an entrepreneurial venture.

Here is what are career options in eCommerce industry for fresh graduates.

Career Options for Fresh Grads

Fresh Graduates have two options if they wish to initiate a career in ecommerce:

  1. A Job In – Marketing, Promotions and Website Development and Management.
  2. To Start Own Business and An Ecommerce Startup


1.  Web Developers and Webmasters 

Qualified web developers in ecommerce create and maintain websites for businesses. Developers and webmasters must keep up with the changes and innovations in website design and maintenance, as well as data security issues. In some businesses, web developers and webmasters may also be responsible for making marketing decisions as well as handling the technical aspects of running a website.

The average monthly salary that a fresher web developer can get, based on their skills is INR25,000/- to INR 30,000/-, which is above average as compared to other IT oriented fields.

The salary grows as per the ranks and experience in the industry.

2.  Advertising and Promotions Managers 

Advertising and promotions managers in ecommerce may either supervise the advertising and promotions departments for the ecommerce company or they may also create opportunities for clients and potential clients. Their major job revolves around advertising the company on other websites and work with a team to create attractive, effective advertising and promotional campaigns. Ecommerce trade or online businesses that sell advertising on their own websites also hire advertising and promotions managers to develop attractive advertising and promotional campaigns to generate traffic and clientele for the website.

An Advertising and Promotions Manager in ecommerce fetches a good INR40,000 to INR 50,000/- per month, based on their expertise and hold on the job.

3.  Online Merchandiser 

An online merchandiser’s tool set in ecommerce is rich and robust. In actuality they should be well versed with sophisticated on-site search tools, product recommendation softwares, product videos, side by side product comparisons, enhanced visualization tools, reviews and ratings, the list goes on. Site analytics is imperative tool required for merchandisers where identify how placement and presentation decisions are impacting conversion, basket size and sales. Site administration tools are a also an important part of “non-technical’ online merchants, which helps them to  make presentation changes easily. Various testing tools allow for ongoing testing, learning and optimizing based on what works. More than ever, online merchants are focused on site productivity; getting maximum product engagement, conversion and sales per order. 


1.  Own an Online Store

A person with an inclination towards ecommerce may decide to open his or her own online store or commercial website, promoting or selling the goods and services that he or she wants to sell. In some cases, an owner of an online store may sell products as a side business, while in others, the online business may be its owner’s only source of income. As is true with any entrepreneurial venture, the amount of money that a person can make with an online business varies by the type of product sold, the owner’s business acumen and the success of his or her marketing efforts.

2.  Ecommerce Consultant 

Those who have a keen interest, vast practical knowledge and a qualification degree in ecommerce can start their own business by becoming a consultant. They can help various businesses to develop their own online retail efforts. Business owners, who want to sell products or services, or promote their business online, may want to hire a consultant to provide initial guidance in setting up a business plan. Those with established online businesses may also want to hire a consultant to improve their current online sales and marketing efforts.

Ecommerce consultants have chances of making INR 60,000/- to INR 1,00,000 per month. Which increases with the kind of clientele they bag.

We hope with all this insight on the career options in the ecommerce industry, you now have a clear idea on the kind of profile you wish to choose to enter the domain.

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