Career Options After Fashion Designing

Fashion designing in itself is a fun, distinctive, and highly creative career. The creativity is the key to this profession. If the creativity is out of the box, then one can receive the reorganization across the world.

Fashion designing in itself is a fun, distinctive, and highly creative career. The creativity is the key to this profession. If the creativity is out of the box, then one can receive the reorganization across the world.  

It isn’t necessary to be a graduate to become a fashion designer. Just a merge course in fashion designing will open the gates of the fashion world and give you a heads up on the distinctive careers you could choose from.

If this is confusing, here are a few suggestions that you could read and make up your mind in choosing the right profile in this vast world of fashion.


If drawing and sketching your thoughts is your forte, then opt to become an illustrator. You would need to possess excellent sketching skills along with good communication skills. There are times you would have to sketch designs based on your customer’s choice so communication is the key. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a must. If you possess excellent sketching skills and can think out of the box, your phone will be flooded with calls from fashion houses.


Many people love to dress according to the latest fashion trends but fail to impress miserably. You will be their best friend and guide. You must be aware of the latest trends and clothes that suit each body type. Apart from this, you would have to be a sharp observer of not only latest trends but also trends that will last a longer time.


The entire fashion show lies in the hands of the fashion stylist so you better be good! This profile involves coordinating the entire lok from head to toe ie hair style, make-up, dress, shows, accessories, etc. You would have to have a keen eye of fashion trends and keep yourself upto date with the change in industry standards.


Being a fashion coordinator means getting yourself involved in a variety of functions like marketing fashion for retail stores, textile firm’s etc. You would have to have to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and ensure you have a good taste of fashion, style and coordination. You will get the opportunity to organize fashion shows and engage with designers from around the globe. You would also stand a chance to travel the world and study/keep up to date with the latest trends. 


Not many people are aware of this profile but now-a-days, merchandise designers have become the top god’s of fashion. While everyone talks about the outfit being the latest fashion trend, the look is incomplete without accessories as they complete the look of your outfit. Merchandise designers too have to keep up with the latest trends in apparel but also need to think out of the box to make their customer stand out from the rest. Merchandise need to be fun and quirky to bring out that extra element of glamour along with fashion.


Yes, you too can become a fashion police. You would be in-charge of a fashion magazine. Through the magazine, you can engage with people and give them styling tips, helping them be upto date with the latest trends. Keeping up with the latest trends is a must and also an excellent taste in fashion would be an added advantage. There is an increasing job scope for fashion journalists as every fashion house looks to be the best and feature the best in the industry.


Now-a-days everyone can afford a DSLR or a phone having a good camera. But no one can buy the details of how to click the best pictures. Fashion photographers are creative and well paid people in the fashion industry as they bring out the best in the outfit. They have knowledge in cameras and also have the ability to visualize and communicate their ideas through the lens. They need to be friendly and interactive. It isn’t necessary to do a full time job in fashion photography but working as a freelancer could earn you those extra bucks.

The fashion world is never constant and keeps changing every season. Designers come up with wacky and out of the box fashion trends to stand out in the fashion world.

When you are a fashion designer, it is always advisable to create your own unique fashion trend and let the world be the judge of your creativity. Coping or robbing someone else’s ideas won’t make you stand out in the crowd. But if you’re at your own creative best, no one can stand in front of your success.

So stand apart and be the best!

Did you find our suggestion fruitful and informative? Let us know your views on the career options in fashion designing.

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