Post-school Courses You Can Pursue If You Wish To Make A Career In Entertainment Industry!

Career In Entertainment

Career In Entertainment – Just out of school and dreaming of a career in the Entertainment Industry?

Well, we can understand the aspirations and the wants to make it big in the most wide-spread and flourishing industry of the nation.

And that is the reason, this article is a must read for you.

Whether you’re interested in designing an eye-catching advertisement, directing a blockbuster movie or singing the next hit song, there are many different opportunities to choose from!

Read on to discover a few of the career in entertainment field.

Schools offering appropriate courses can also be found in these popular choices.

First of All Let Us Present You With An Overview of the Entertainment Industry:

If you’re looking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, you’ll have many different career paths to choose from. You can choose to work in a variety of establishments, including production houses, television channels, movie theatres, advertising agencies, film production companies, and theatres and  web production companies. You may be interested in visual entertainment, musical arts, performing arts or a combination of those fields. You may choose to devote your life to creating path-breaking entertainment, assisting bigwigs in the entertainment industry or working as a performer at an entertainment facility.

While the profiles discussed below do not represent all the careers in this industry, if you do choose one of these careers, you’ll be involved in one of the most popular occupations in the entertainment field.

Also, if you’re thinking about an entertainment career in the theatre or film industries, the best city to be at, is Mumbai- the hub of film and TV production in the nation. You may also find opportunities for employment at a local theatre, film production company or television studio in your city.

Here are top 8 Career In Entertainment choices and the courses you can pursue immediately after school if you are looking for a career in the entertainment industry:

Career In Entertainment –

  1. Acting – Films, TV Series and Plays

If you want to work as an actor, you may start off working as an extra in a movie, a TV series, an advertisement or a play, which means you won’t have a speaking part. Generally, you are involved in playing the role of a fictional character in a play or movie. You’ll work long hours during rehearsals and film shoots; your acting gigs may not last longer than a day or a month. You might have a hard time finding regular employment. You may need to take on other work, such as teaching or coaching, in order to supplement your acting income. But as you grow in the industry, you will establish yourself gradually.

Indian Colleges offering courses in Acting are:

  1. A) National School of Drama: This is one of the most reputed government-run institutes purely dedicated to actors, based in Delhi. Graduates from this school are in great demand in Bollywood!
  2. B) Whistling Woods International Film School: This world class institute is based in Mumbai and run by famous producer director Subhash Ghai. It offers long terms courses in acting and can really help you to achieve your dreams.
  3. C) Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares: This acting institute is also based in Mumbai under the personalized guidance of maverick actor Anupam Kher offering short-term courses in acting.
  4. Direction – Feature Films, Ad Films, TV Series and Plays

If you direct a play, and ad film or a feature film, you’ll be in charge of casting actors, conducting rehearsals and telling the actors how to interpret a script. You’ll also be in charge of approving all creative decisions, such as set and costume design, lighting, camera angles, choreography and music. You may have a team of assistants who help make these decisions. Depending on the production you’re working on, you may have to justify your decisions to your executive producer or financier.

Here are the Indian institutions offering courses in Film Direction – Career In Entertainment:

  1. A) Film and Television Institute of India: This centre of excellence is based in Pune and is in the service of nation for more than 50 years. It’s a government run institute and has global standards of teaching.
  2. B) Whistling Woods International Film School: As mentioned earlier, this institute offers multiple courses in film making and direction is one of the important streams covered under their curriculum.
  3. Choreography – Films and Fashion Shows

If you have a keen interest in dancing, being a choreographer is a wonderful option for you. As a choreographer, you’ll work with dancers to create new dance steps. You might work at a theatre, a movie studio, a fashion house- making the shows,  or a dance school as a dance instructor. Depending on your workplace and the production in which you’re working, you may have total creative control of your project or your work may be supervised by a director. Generally, your work as a choreographer will be enhanced if you have a sound background and proper training in dance.

Choreography Courses after school are offered in these colleges:

  1. A) Shiamak Dawar’s dance Academy: Right from toddlers to grow-ups, this academy not only trains you to become expert dancers in various western dance forms, it also helps you to make your career as a choreographer.
  2. B) Ganesh Hegde Dance Academy: This dance academy is run by famous Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Hegde excelling in Bollywood dance forms.
  3. Music – Instrumental and Singing

If you sing, play an instrument or have an interest in the music business, you’ll have plenty of career choices in the music industry. You may decide to sing solo for films or sing and play in a band, you may choose to participate in an orchestra or you may decide to work for a record label, composing and producing music. If you work on the business side of music, you can start your own record company. Music Colleges are many in India.

Here are some prominent ones that can land you a career in the Indian Entertainment Industry:

  1. A) University of Delhi: It offers a post-graduation degree in music and a Doctor of Philosophy in Music.
  2. B) Delhi School of Music: This school is a special one with tie ups with some of the best known European Universities like Trinity College of Music, London. It also offers a very exciting and challenging course in Western Classical Music.
  3. C) KM Music Conservatory: This music school is run under the guidance of the music maestro, A.R.Rehman! Based in Chennai, it offers two internationally recognized degrees in partnership with Middlesex University, UK.
  4. Music Managers, Music Arrangers and Music Producers

If you decide to work for a record company, you may end up as a manager or producer. Your duties will include signing new artists to your record label, producing songs for radio play and merchandising your label’s music. You might also compose and arrange music for artists to sing. The primary goal of your job is to find hit songs and record them.  Music mixing and creating tracks without playing instruments and singing is actually very interesting stuff, trust us.

Here is where and what you need to learn to be a Music Manager or Arranger:

  1. A) Swarnbhoomi Academy of Music: Based in Tamil Nadu near Kalpakkam, this institute offers degree as well as diploma courses in music performance and music production.
  2. B) Whistling Woods International Film School: Here you can get diploma courses in Music Composition and Production!
  3. Writing – Scripts, Screenplays, Dialogues, Lyrics

If you have an inherent talent of being good with written expression and creative writing is your forte during school years, this one is the best option for you. Film and TV writers are the people who create the stories and screenplays, what we all see on the screen. Lyric writing is another aspect which is a part of the Music Industry. Writing songs is a very interesting job if you are good with poetic words and compositions.

To make a Career In Entertainment – career in Writing here are the training schools that can help you to polish your skills, and make you ready for the industry:

  1. A) Whistling Woods International Film School: There is a specialized certificate course in Screenwriting for duration of 1 year or a complete degree course for 3 years in film making with a specialization in your preferred stream.
  2. B) Film and Television Institute of India (FTII): There are diploma courses on offer for Feature Film Screenwriting for a span of 1 year as well as a complete three year course on film-making that also involves screenwriting.
  3. Art Direction – Advertisement and FIlms

If you work as an art director, you’ll be responsible for overseeing a team of designers who’ll create layouts, artwork and slogans for films, plays and visual media, including advertisements, magazine covers and websites. You’ll also be responsible for presenting your team’s work to supervisors and clients. If you work for a corporation or a publishing company, you’ll most likely work in an office.

To learn Art Direction after school, here is where need to go:

  1. A) FTII: Apart from various institutes in the country that offer traditional forms of interior designing and architecture, FTII offers three year post graduate diploma in Art Direction and Production Design!
  2. Multimedia Artists and Animators

As a multimedia artist, you’ll have to know how to render images on computers as well as by hand. While your exact responsibilities may vary depending on your workplace, generally you’ll create the animation and manipulate images using computer programs. Your job duties may include sketching and drawing, creating computerized visual effects, operating cameras and editing film. Today, with the advent of web media, inundated avenues opened up for students having inherent creative skills and a bend towards having a career in the entertainment industry.

Here is where you need to land if you wish to have a Career In Entertainment – career in Multimedia and Animation:

  1. A) Whistling Woods International Film School: The school is offering a degree course of three years in Animation Filmmaking.
  2. B) FX School: Based in Mumbai, this institute offers various courses in Animation, Visual Effects, Digital Art and Film making.

Career In Entertainment – Well, with this information in hand, you are well equipped to choose a career path for self if you are roaring to establish yourself in the entertainment industry.

We wish you good luck.

We will bring you more on career choices.

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