Career Diaries: 7 Ways To Enhance Your Personality

Your personality plays a very important role in your success rate. Here is a small guide to help you enhance your personality. Read on!

Personality is that part of your aura which has a direct impact on people you meet with. Be it a business meeting, a lecture that you are supposed to deliver, a placement interview or even a normal conversation with a friend/colleague; your personality plays a very important role in your success rate. Here is a small guide to help you enhance your personality. Read on!

#1. Development of Self Esteem and Optimism

Self esteem is one of the most imporant attributes in life that helps you reach success. Someone who is confident about himself holds a high self esteem. It is said that only 10 percent of life is what happens to us and the majority 90 percent of life is a perlica of how we react to it. Talking out of personal experience, optimism actually makes things right for you. So, be confident. Be optimistic.

#2. Be an interesting conversationalist

This shows how much you’ve read and the depth of knowledge that you possess. No one can read about or know everything, so it’s very interesting to learn from others things we don’t have the time to about read ourselves. If you happen to be shy, join a group that encourages you to talk about what you know. These days a number of forums are available on the internet wherein you can talk and discuss about your subject of interest.

#3. Managing your time

How many time have you heard your elders saying- time once gone, cannot come back or time heals everything? Well, they are right. Practically speaking, time is more valuable than any of other resource like money. Understand the value of time and plan to take minimum time for maximum impact. Summarizing, cut short the time you waste and get into the habit of utilising it more effectively.

#4. Be a patient listener

If you do not fall into this category, it’s high time you start working on it. While having a conversation, it is important that you make good eye contact and make the speaker believe that you are keeping count of each and every word he/she has uttered. This makes the speaker feel important which in turn leaves a good impression of yours.

#5. Communication skills

Now, this one is extremely important. Communication is always a social affair. Good and effective communication provides opportunities for asserting our individuality. It is a myth that communication is all about speaking. As much as speaking, listening and your body language is also a part of your communication skill.

#6. Always try to see the funny side

Who does not enjoy the company of someone who can make him smile or lighten the stress? Always look for the quirky side of the situation. Adding fun and making others smile will always attract others towards you; let alone wanting to be in your company.

#7. Have integrity                                                                  

If you do not have an opinion on something, do not try to fit in. Keep quiet or tell people tat you don’t really have an opinion on that. Be honest and true to yourself. People look upto you when they know you are out there what you are inside. This will not just leave a good impact on others, but will also prove a foundation for your leadership qualities.


Summarizing, we humans have the power and ability to shape our personalities however we wish to. But it is in our best interest that we build our personality as a pillar for success and not the other way round.

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