4 Signs That Assure You About Your Boss’ Dislike For You

We tell you about a few signs that’ll assure you about your boss’s hatred for you.

Ever developed a feeling of dislike or hatred for any of your colleagues? If you have you’d totally understand what we are talking about and if not, well, you might get to know what leads to it and what are the signs of your disliking. It could be very knotty to analyze whether your boss is really biased when it comes to you or it is just what you’re thinking. We tell you about a few signs that’ll assure you about your boss’s hatred for you. Read on!

1. Intentional Exclusion

There is a thin line of difference between your boss intentionally excluding you from social events and simply overlooking your presence nearby. If you did not get a chance considering the latter, it probably didn’t mean anything. However, intentional excluding is a big sign of ignoring you because there is no way that all of your coworkers or team members got invited except you.

2. Micromanagement

When was the last time you felt that your boss is hinting towards not-trusting-you-with-things anymore? You used to handle your own assignments and responsibilities and get rewarded good for that. However, offlate nothing you do is right. You find yourself in a dysfunctional situation in which your boss feels like he has an inept employee, as you grow more resentful and dread work everyday. He clearly seems to have a problem with you.

3. Inaccessibility

Your boss seems to have no problem making some time for his favourites in the office, but when you try taking some time of his/her, it never seems to happen. So, if you can’t get an audience with your boss while others can, he/she obviously has a problem with you.

4. No appreciation

Was your previous project a huge success and yet you did not receive any recognition or appreciation from the boss? If rare feedbacks or none at all are always on your work plate, and while your colleagues get their share of appreciation, your day starts and ends with criticism, it’s pretty clear that you’re not lovable to your boss.

Every boss is different and so are the situations. The signs in this article may not be the onlly signs or all signs of your boss’s disliking for you. The only way to be sure of things that are uncertain at workplace is to go staright up to the boss and have a word. Because the sooner you realize that you’re in a bad situation with your boss, the faster you can formulate a plan to either quit or confront your boss about it.

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