Career As A Yoga Instructor: It’s All About Changing One’s Lifestyle Indeed!

Yoga is not just about fitness, career as yoga instructor can be taken up as full time and can be taught in schools, colleges and many other places.

“Yoga is not about fitness or exercise, it is about changing one’s lifestyle,” quoted the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, on his recent visit to the USA.

Since time immemorial, yoga has been considered as one of the best and natural way to keep oneself fit, treat disorders, and a major contribution in the lives of the most successful around the globe.

Though, it was first mentioned in the oldest text book of spiritual and psychological connection, Yoga has no specific religious boundaries. It is widely accepted and practiced by people all round the world. 

The term Yoga has been derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj meaning union. The union refers to the connection of mind, body and soul, to achieve harmony at the best level.

A methodical effort to attain perfection through the control of different elements of human nature that also includes physical and psychical, yoga helps the practitioner to achieve success. Certain changes in lifestyle, proper functioning of the body, and synchronous movement of mind and body, is what yoga is all about.

If you’ve been a fan of naturopathy, wish to keep yourself fit, without adapting the ways that might lead to side effects, and want to earn a living out of it, this is the thing for you. We tell you all about making a career as a yoga instructor. 


To be a yoga instructor, you need to be trained according to a specialization and have a certificate to teach yoga. A number of teacher training programs of durations according to your choice and the rigour of coursework, are available. Teaching yoga requires some personal yoga experience as well, which is what you will be practicing during your course.

There is no specific educational requirement to enrol for a course. However, the minimum age limit is 17 years. Graduates are eligible to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RGT) with the Yoga Alliance accreditation council.


Any job requires dedication. However, being a yoga instructor requires you to be dedicated towards your health and fitness more than anything else. Only if you’re healthy (physically and mentally) will you be successful in this field.

Job prospects

Once trained you have a number of career options to pursue. With the economy being inoperable, high unemployment rate and increasing stress of everyday life, it comes as no news that people from all over the world are enrolling themselves for yoga classes. A mildly experienced yoga teacher earns an average salary of 3,50,000 INR per annum. A beginner may not draw much income in the industry. However, depending on your experience and knowledge comes income and reputation among the practitioner.

You can teach in schools, colleges, become a corporate yoga instructor, work in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, or can teach holistic health studies at an educational centre. 

No matter which phase of life you are in, yoga brings stability and improves mental health in your life. It might take some time for your career to kick-start, but once it does, there are a number of avenues you can get into. What better than using the best methodology to keep yourself fit and making money out of it.

Yoga, indeed, is all about changing one’s lifestyle.

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