5 Ways To Deal With A Boss Who Gives Too Much Work!


In an office environment, workload is quite expected.

But, there is a thin line between “someone who gives you work because you’re REALLY talented” and “someone who keeps taking advantage of you”.

Sometimes it gets too hard to tell that someone about your “workload”. Especially when it is your boss, it gets really hard to say “NO” even though you want too. But something needs to be done, right? Personally, if you feel you’re being used or you can’t handle the work pressure, here’s what you need to do.

Follow these tips and try your luck to get rid of workload.

  1. Don’t make yourself available

Whenever your boss is around you, make sure you’re working on your computer. Don’t sit idle because if your boss sees you like that- he’ll shower you with work and you simply can’t ditch that.

Also, if your boss calls you and ask about “how your work is going” or “Are you free”, don’t make yourself available by telling “Oh yes, I’ll do your work” etc. Too much sweetness can turn out to be a slap on your face.

  1. Let your boss know about your to-do-list

Suppose your boss calls you in his cabin and ask you about the work you’re doing today-show him your to-do-list. Note- Don’t keep your to-do-list looking simple; keep it filled with important details e.g. the time required to complete each work.

This will give your boss a clear idea that you’re not available and too busy.

  1. Accept the task but convince your boss to eliminate some from to-do-list

Tell your boss “I’ve no problem accepting this task sir but eliminate some work from my to-do-list because everything won’t be possible”. If your boss is good enough, then he will cancel some of the work and will tell you to do the important ones.

  1. Do what makes you think is Important

Sometimes bosses keep showering with works even though they know that you’re already working on too many projects. In the midst of this, if your boss calls in and tells you “do this project first because it is important”- just accept the offer and do it by eliminating some of the work from your list without taking any permission.

You’ve every right to do and obviously a good reason to do so.

  1. Learn to say “NO”

If you just can’t handle it, go on and tell your boss “I can’t do it”.

If you’re lucky enough, he might find another employee to do the same work. But also, don’t keep saying “No” all the time, as it may come back to haunt you.

Any thoughts? Comment below.

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