In Mumbai, You Need Only Guts To Get Successful!


How to be successful in Mumbai, especially if you are in a crazy workaholic 24X7 running city called Mumbai!

Mumbai is a true cosmopolitan city and even though it is the capital of a Marathi speaking population, the city itself is full of immigrants from all walks, cultures and religions of India. Everyone is here to earn their living, make their dreams come true and have a fatter bank balance than the entire mass of earth!

Is it easy?

The immediate reply to that is: No, it is not!

However, there are ways to make it happen. Like you, everyone is struggling, working round the clock and doing whatever is possible in the given means. But what most overlook or use subconsciously without thinking about much is their ass! You walk inside a local train which is packed and you see three people sitting on a seat, which is actually reserved for three people only. But if you have entrepreneur skills, you will ask the people to shift and on the remaining vacant sit, you will sit with half your space! Yes, the other remaining half stays in air, but at least it is better than standing throughout your journey. Since you got some space, soon you will shift and wiggle and push and with the first opportunity, you will grab an entire seat for yourself! Simple, right?

Try this scenario in an auto-rickshaw which has space for three people to sit packed! You’re the fourth person and you need to adjust, just sit in the corner, again with half space in the air telling people of your super-human skills and cover the long distance! Obviously, you will be pushing and wiggling and doing the entire routine to grab an entire seat and will travel in comfort!

You know, this might seem pretty ordinary or way too small to be considered as a path to success!

But think like this: everyone is fighting the battle that you are fighting, then why do they need to give you space? Why should anyone let go of their privileges and comfort zones to accommodate an outsider like you?  You have to do it on your own; you have to make your own space at your own terms. Instead of doing wrong things or following the wrong path, it is better to use your adjustment skills. Your space is yours; use it to your benefit!

Anyways the saying goes for successful people that so and so person slogged his off to reach where he is! Well, since only half of your space is on that seat, use the other one to slog like crazy! Rest and work happens simultaneously, what say?

Use your space, don’t be a fool!

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