These Are The Things That Can Kill Your Career! Beware Of Them!


Building up a career takes a lifetime!

Bringing it down? Just snap your fingers and BOOM! It’s over!

Believe me or not, many of us put equal efforts in doing both and that too without even realising it! We live our lives in a way that all our efforts in building up our career are negated by simultaneous acts of destroying it with our actions and we seem totally oblivious to them!

Let me share with you the thoughts you need to be aware of things that can kill your career so that you don’t destroy your career:

1) Self Doubt

This is the very first obstacle to our success and proves to be a nemesis to our potential to be a superstar at work! Be sure of yourselves, be confident and know what you’re doing. Don’t doubt your capabilities and if there are any doubts, work on them and clear them off. Some people, even after getting success doubt their abilities and think they might have got success by fluke or by luck. No, you might get success at work once by fluke, twice by luck, but not everytime! So have self-belief and grow ahead!

2) Over-Analysis

A lot of people over-think about every little thing happening at work. They minutely dissect every decision they took, what they said, what they wore and it doesn’t end there. They go to the extent of dissecting colleagues’ and boss’s life in the same manner, just to be sure they are updated and know what’s happening around them. It is fine to be aware, but not in this detailed manner. Over thinking about everything leads to complications and you start deriving conclusions based on your imaginations and assumptions that only result in your work getting messed up!

3) Conspiracy Theories

This is a result of over-thinking. You always feel one or the other colleague of yours is trying to sabotage your career, someone is playing tricks behind your back, someone is hell bent on destroying your career etc. However, by this it’s you who is going to self-destruct! Office politics is common, but if you focus more on that compared to your job at hand then you are going to be in some major trouble!

4) Comparisons

Just like in life, comparisons at work won’t help you reach anywhere. How much is your colleague’s salary, what kind of attention is he getting, is your cabin smaller or bigger than your contemporary’s and things like these will put you off your goals of building a smashing career! Healthy comparisons and competition is always welcome when you compare your performance and try to do better, but negative ones will suck out all the energy out of you leaving you with nothing to contribute in your job!

5) Jealousy

Trust me there will always be someone who is going to do a better job than you, who will be better than you in something or the other! There will be your strengths and weaknesses and someone else will have theirs. It is better to focus on your strengths and give your best rather than getting jealous of someone else’s success and growth. Jealous is going to burn your positivity and cause more failures at work than successes. It is a vicious cycle of getting jealous, failing and getting more jealous of others’ success! Stop it immediately!

The best thing to do is focus on giving your best, excelling at what you do and always learning how to improve yourself! No one will be able to stop your growth then, no matter how talented or connected they are!

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