Now Choose Your Profession According To Your Personality! There Is One For Everyone!


Everyone wants to excel in their life and fulfill all their dreams.

Not everyone is able to achieve it though! One of the primary reasons is being in the wrong place as far as your career is concerned. A happy and content career growth results in a happy and satisfied life. But if you’re not happy where you’re working, you’ll carry that unhappiness, sadness and resentment back home and that will affect not only you, but your entire family!

Therefore is it high time to choose or switch over to a career that matches your personality type. To understand what kind of a personality you have, if you already aren’t aware or are confused about it, there are a lot of websites offering online tests. Participate those tests, find out about your personality traits and then select the profession that comes closest your persona!

I would like to share as to what kind of professions are there based on some major personality types to give you a bird’s eye view for better understanding.

The specifics will all depend on your personality tests and your inclinations.

Here is a broad outlook how to choose your profession according to your personality:

1) Extroverts

If you’re an extrovert and love to travel, meet people, be around people and are a go-getter, then being in sales, travel industry or hotel industry will prove to be beneficial for you. These industries will bring out the best in you to be able to make your mark and carve a niche for yourself.

2) Introverts

For introverts, the people who don’t like attention on them or don’t want to be at the forefront of change, the best professions are accounting, IT or a desk job that enables to give your all in your job, yet doesn’t require you to be in the limelight all the time! You don’t have to please people all the time or be around crowds to make your work matter. In fact, just do your work and let it speak on your behalf!

3) Dominant Personality Types

If you’re the one who wants things done your way, has leadership qualities, can motivate yourself and others around you, then you got to be in the profession that can utilize your character traits to the maximum. Some of these professions can be law, research, medicine, and the kinds that will help you to work as per your mind-sets.

4) Analytical Personality

If you love to analyze things and find reasons for everything that happens in the world, then you ought to be either in the classroom teaching and sharing your experiences with the next generation or you got to be in a research lab trying to invent something path-breaking! Apart from that, the field of accounting will love someone of your kind!

5) Team Player

If you’re a team player and only give your best when being part of a team, then being part of a sales team might make you shine out! Obviously it would also require a lot of people skills and being an extrovert is a requisite, but it need not be like a leader!

The above mentioned personalities and career types are not binding and final, but can just help you understand what to look for when you realize what kind of a personality you have. Work on finding out the real you and then jump in to the professional world of your choice!

The sky will be the limit then!

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