These Safe Car Driving Tips During Monsoons Will Protect You And Your Car

Driving safely during Monsoons is extremely crucial to avoid mishaps. It is equally important to scrutinize the vehicle in advance to prevent accidents…

Many of us love going for drives during the monsoons.

The cool wind coupled with sparkling water droplets on the windscreen of the coupe offer a pleasant sight.

Though Monsoon is one of the best seasons, but it is one of the most dangerous too, when it comes to driving. From slippery roads to unanticipated windstorms, and from flooded streets to poor visibility, there are many challenges that drivers have to face.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to take extra care while driving during Monsoons

We bring for our readers 7 tips for safe driving during Monsoons, to protect them as well as their vehicles.

1)      Drive Slow:

There are high chances of the car to skid in the rain. Hence, it is significant to drive slowly. This provides better traction, gives a steady pace, and helps in avoiding bouncy movements while braking, accelerating, or turning.

2)      Inspect the Vehicle:

Scrutinize the different parts of the vehicle, especially the tyres, wipers & washer, brakes, and the electrical components. Applying a good wax polish to the exteriors of the car helps to keep it clean, protects the paint from fading, and allows water to roll off easily. Rainwater may damage the interiors as well. Proper cleaning of the car after a shower is inevitable.

3)      Avoid Tailgating:

Increasing the distance between the vehicles ahead while driving and leaving sufficient space when at halt, helps in avoiding mishaps, especially when the roads are wet.

4)      Use Headlights:

Due to poor visibility during a pour, it is difficult to spot the vehicles on the road. Turning on the headlights is a good resolution to the problem. Keeping the headlights in good working condition is also crucial during the Monsoons, as the wet roads absorb more light.

5)      Driving through Stagnant Water:

If driving through a waterlogged area, one can put the car in the first gear and drive. Driving fast through the water is not possible and stopping midway is not advisable as the water may seep into the tail pipe.

6)      In Case of Skidding:

If by chance the car skids, one should not panic and steer the car into the desired direction. It is recommended to use the brakes while steering into the skid only if the car has an ABS and not otherwise.

7)      What to carry in the Car during Monsoons:

Most importantly one must always keep the fuel tank full. Getting stranded during Monsoons is very common and a full tank is always worthwhile. The other vital items that one may carry include a first-aid kit, torch, umbrella, small hammer (to unlock jammed doors), cigarettes, or a pouch of tobacco (to rub on the windscreen for better visibility), air-fresher, and more.

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, by adopting the above-mentioned tips, car drivers can save their own lives as well as that of others.

At all times, drive safely. Remember, your life is precio

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