The All New Brute Force ‘“ Kawasaki Z800

The Kawasaki Z800 is an amazing machine; we realized that the moment we swung a leg over it.

This week it is time to look at what Kawasaki has on offer for all you enthusiastic bikers. So, just to make the process easy, we made our way to a Kawasaki Bike outlet in Mumbai to check out what the makers have on offer. And guess what, we were not disappointed at all after what we saw. 

What we saw

The new Kawasaki Z800 made us all fall for it the moment we swung a leg over the bike. It is one little beast. 

You know why we love our job so much? While most people are slogging it out in their office, chasing targets, attending meetings, we are busy riding this awesome new bike – the Kawasaki Z800 – in the streets of Mumbai on a sultry summer morning. 

Carrying on with the tradition for 40 years now

Just to put a little perspective into where this new Kawasaki motorcycle is coming from, Kawasaki is carrying on its tradition of making cool bikes with state-of-the-art specs and features for the last 40 years now. Kawasaki’s Z series of stylish and cool looking motorcycles started with the amazing (now, of course, iconic) Z1000 model back in 1972. And ever since that, the company has dished out attractive bikes over the last 4 decades. 

The new ‘green’ initiative from Kawasaki

The Kawasaki Z800 was unveiled last year amidst a lot of hope and expectation among the biker’s community. This bike was launched to replace the previous model Z750. The new Kawasaki Z800 is an entry level bike in the Z series and has made its entry into the ever growing Indian market as the newest addition on the ongoing ‘green revolution’ initiative started by Kawasaki in the last couple of months.  

The look and feel of Kawasaki Z800

The Kawasaki Z800 falls under the middleweight category of street bikes and comes with aggressive looks and sharp features. The bike’s single piece headlight gives it a distinctive face with a frown; and thanks to the plastic tank that lies below, it adds a muscular look. The Kawasaki Z800 has a front-heavy look because most of its mass is near the engine. That apart, if you notice carefully, the Kawasaki Z800 looks small for an 800 cc bike. 

The body of his bike has a glossy/matte combo finish with very little graphics. It should be mentioned that the alloys have a pretty simple design; however, there are a few neat touches like the three section LCD display, LED tail lamp, curvy exhaust pipes, and a patterned seat to help riders. 

This bike inspired a lot of hope and confidence the very moment we got onto the saddle – it appears even small from rider’s viewing angle. The seat is comfortable and allows you to sit upright and get that ‘tucked in’ feel as you can warp your thighs around the tank perfectly.   

The seat, handlebar and foot-pegs nicely complement each other to lend a natural riding position that is helpful in roads full of traffic or in bends. The display on the digital information panel is pretty easy on the eye and you can read the information displayed without any hassle. This bike has awesome mirrors; they offer wide-range view and the best part is they look extremely cool in spite of their large size.

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