Flying Cars : We Will Have The By 2020 !

flying cars

Flying cars – Nicola Tesla, a world renowned Scientist, had predicted that world would be completely taken over by technology.

If you don’t remember that, then you must definitely remember “The Jetsons”, a cartoon that was once very famous on Cartoon Network.

Remember how they used to travel in flying cars from one place to another and lives almost in outer space? Our real world is now gradually adopting the techie lifestyle where “ flying cars ” is about to become the order of the day!

The latest blockbuster news that is making rounds is that a Slovakia-based company named AeroMobil launched a lucrative and merchandising design of what looks like a flying car.

No people, there is no Harry Potter magic involved here. It is a fact and a very interesting one at that. This is the world’s first flying car. This car is priced at more than $1 million and is expected to be commercially and publicly available by 2020.

What more, the so-called Ritchie Riches have already pre-ordered for it!

The company, AeroMobil has informed that the design of the car is in the shape of a teardrop. A single model has been displayed at Top Marques Monaco, the annual event which displays luxury aircrafts, cars and other automobiles. Apart from the fact that it can fly (Wow!), the best feature of this car is that it can switch modes in less than three minutes. When on drive mode, the wings fold back into the side and they swing out when in flight mode.

AeroMobil has targeted a manufacture of 500 units in the first slot, pricing these flying cars at $1.29 to $1.61. For this mobile to take off, it would obviously require a proper runway or an approved airfield. People who have pre-ordered the flying car must possess driving as well as pilot licenses, without which they would be allowed to chauffeur this car.

There are still a few technical aspects that need to be taken care of.

While the Government is trying to regulate the drivels cars, the auto and aviation departments are striving to build a safe environment where these flying vehicles could be driven and flown with safety.

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