For The Safety of Your Life, These 5 Motorcycle Myths And Legends Need To Be Trashed Out (Part II)

We discussed about biking myths and legends last week in our Part I of the article. This week we bring to you the Part II.

After last week’s Part I, here’s the second and concluding part to our motorcycle myths and legends article. While riding motorcycles provides a great high it is equally important to adhere to certain safety tips. Our motorcycle legends and myths will give you a better insight on why we stress on bikers’ safety. 

The new tyre coating can be removed by riding in inflated tires: 

This is a common notion that new tires have a coating and can only be removed if you ride them inflated for a few miles. Now that is one motorcycle myth that can put your life to danger. If you try any such stunt you will probably end up getting killed. There is no coating on the new tires but they appear so because they come out f the mold at the factory.  It is never safe to tide on inflated tires as reduced pressure results in damaging the sidewalls and can make them blow out. This, in turn, will throw you off the bike. 

18-25 year olds are prone to bike accidents: 

Another common motorcycle myth is that 18-25 years olds are generally susceptible to bike accidents. While youngsters and novices might run greater chances of injury or an accident but as per National Highway Transport Safety Administration’s reports the largest number of bike deaths in the U.S. includes those of 40 to 55 year olds. So next time you ask your college going brother to be careful make sure you follow the rules as well when you ride your pillion to office. 

Negative thoughts while riding doesn’t make any difference: 

Never think of crashing while riding. It is a mental thing. If you do have such negative thoughts then probably you will end up hurting yourself. So why think about it in the first place. If you are a good biker why would you even think of crashing? Every time you ride that machine tell yourself that you will be safe and nothing will happen. 

Biking gear is not important: 

Buying your dream bike is not enough. You also need the entire gear that includes helmet, gloves, boots and riding leather. Liking a certain bike does not mean that you plunge headlong and buy it. It is important to do your homework. But before that learn how to ride and know all about the safety tips. 

Biking attracts hot girls: 

The bike ads might make bikers look super cool to women but that does not always work out right. Mostly, yes but not always.  Initially she might be super impressed but if you keep discussing about a GSX-R versus a Hayabusa or a Ducati, chances are she will be put off. But if she is a rider as well, then it is a different story altogether! 

These are some of the urban motorcycle myths which need your attention. As bikers you would always want to enjoy the ride. But it is never a bad deal to take safety measures while you zoom off on your pillion! 

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