CNG Cars Vs Diesel Cars

it is a difficult decision to choose the one which would be economical in the long run. We provide a comparison between CNG Cars and Diesel cars to help readers make the choice.

With a plethora of cars available today, and many new models waiting to enter the auto market, it is a tough choice for buyers to decide which one is the best buy.

With the rising prices of conventional fuels like petrol & diesel, the car manufacturers have brought in cars with CNG and LPG engines that have added to the dilemma 

We discuss below the pros & cons of CNG Cars and Diesel car engines, to enable our readers make the right choice.

Advantages of CNG Engines and Disadvantages of Diesel Engines:

  • The maintenance or servicing cost for diesel vehicles is higher by Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000, as compared to the CNG cars.
  • A CNG engine has a better life and usually gives about 9 to 12 years of hassle-free service, when used under good conditions. On the other hand, the diesel variant has a life of about 6 to 8 years.
  • CNG engine for cars are environment friendly and have low exhaust emissions as compared to the diesel variants.
  • CNG engines do not contain chemicals that react with the pipes of the mill, lowering the chances of engine damages.
  • CNG fuel does not spill or evaporate, and hence, chance of wastage is less.
  • The years of recovery of the additional cost incurred for a CNG engine is lesser than that of a diesel engine, that is, the user can recover the cost faster when he buys a CNG model. 

Advantages of Diesel Engines and Disadvantages of CNG Engines:

  • Diesel cars are more spacious, as compared to the CNG versions. CNG ones do not give enough space for luggage.
  • Diesel vehicles have a higher resale value.
  • During an accident, CNG variants are more dangerous than the diesel run cars.
  • Diesel engine cars are more readily available.

With both the variants having their own set of pros and cons, it is difficult to choose which is better of the two. Before purchasing a car, the user may consider the following factors which may help in deciding which variant is more economical:

  • The distance the vehicle would cover in a year
  • The size and type of vehicle
  • Registration cost of the car
  • The city in which the user would drive the car and whether CNG is readily available there
  • Road User Charges (RUC) of the car
  • Relicensing Costs (Vehicle Registration) of the car

Hence, for some the CNG variant is economical, while for the others a diesel car is a better option. Prospective buyers may select their dream car based on the advantages, disadvantages, and factors mentioned above. Yet, it is always a personal choice to own a vehicle. One must go buy a thorough research lined by personal preferences.


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