Cars Of The Past – A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Most of us have some great memories attached with the cars. We bring a list of cars in India that the manufacturers have now stopped producing, but were extremely popular during their time.

There are many cars of the 1980s and 90s, which we do not see on the roads anymore.

The age-old Hind Motor’s Ambassador would become history soon and the next generation would see it only in pictures.

Talking of the HM Ambassador, reminds us of a lot of childhood memories. This was one car that flaunted window curtains and had a small fan to keep the passengers comfortable (there were no ACs at that time). This car also had the advantage of two full sofa seats instead of the divided ones found in the cars today. These seats could accommodate 6 adults (or even more) with ease. Another interesting aspect of this car was that it was the only model in India which ministers & high officials used, and it also served the purpose of a passenger taxi!

Apart from the Ambassador, there are a horde of other cars that we do not see on the Indian roads, but they were popular in earlier times. We list below a few such cars:

Premier Padmini

Premier Automobile Ltd (PAL) had stopped manufacturing this car in the year 2000. A popular passenger car this was also one of the widest used taxis in the country.


Tata Sierra:

Tata also stopped producing Sierra in the year 2000.  But, the car has a special place in the Indian automobile history as the first car designed and produced in India.


Maruti Zen:

ZEN got its name from Zero Engine Noise. Introduced in India in 1993, this hatchback did well with the nuclear families. Zen Estilo, the next generation of this car, hit the Indian roads in the year 2006.


Maruti 1000:

Suzuki Cultus manufactured by Japanese automaker Suzuki was sold in India as Maruti 1000. Priced close to 4 Lakhs in the 1990s, the car was among the most expensive ones of that time. Later, an upgraded version of the car was introduced named Maruti Esteem.


Fiat Uno:

Manufactured by the ace Italian car manufacturer Fiat, the Uno came to India in 1996. It could not conquer the hearts of the Indians and it saw the way out very soon.


There are a flock of other cars which we have grown up seeing. These include the Fiat 118 NE, Opel Astra, Ford Escort, Ford Ikon, and more.

We would love to hear from our readers which cars have created unforgettable memories for them.

Do share you’re your childhood reminiscences with us!

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