Beware! Don’t Get Fooled By These 5 Tricks That Car Salesmen Use To Dupe You!

Buying a car may not always be a smooth experience. Most of the times, ‘˜skilled’ salesmen fool buyers to fulfill their own targets. We list 5 such tricks which most car dealers use to allure and trick their customers.

Buying a car is easy, but the process of buying the ‘right’ car may at times be distressing.

With unlimited models available in the market and with banks & financial institutions offering car loans at attractive rates, buying a four-wheeler is effortless. Ready information on the internet has made things all the more smooth for prospective buyers.

However, the role that a car vendor plays in helping the buyer take the decision is equally important. Many salesmen misuse their interactive and persuasive skills for their own benefit at the expense of the customer.

Hence, it is imperative to get guidance from a genuine and reliable seller. We bring for our readers the top 5 tricks that salesmen use to fool a car buyer:

1) The Car Just Got Sold!

This is one of the most common phrases that dealers use. They may have advertised a car, but when the buyer reaches the showroom, he gets to hear a standard reply ‘the car is out of stock now!’ This is an old tactic to lure the customer to the showroom.

2) What went Wrong with Your Car? Or What Brings You Here?

To the buyer this question may sound friendly and one may honestly blurt out the issues with the existing car. This is a tried and tested method to get information from the customer. The dealer would use this data to convince the buyer to pick a new car, or to reduce the exchange price of the old car. 

3) Confusing Talks

Dealers are equipped with the expertise of confusing the purchaser and making him take the decision in haste is not difficult for them. A confused consumer for them is a moneymaking consumer! Hence, it is significant to gather all information before visiting the showroom. 

4) Lucrative Offer on the Phone

The dealer would always promise a high rate for the old car or give lucrative offers for the new one, when the buyer calls to get information. This is again only a diplomatic way of getting the purchaser to visit his outlet. We suggest buyers to do their R&D with multiple dealers and not fall prey to the compelling talks of the salesperson! 

5) Four Square Method

Sellers use this method to trick their ‘victims’. To explain the costing they would make four squares on a sheet, and fill figures relating to the price of the new car, price of the old car, down payment, and monthly installments in each box. These calculations only confuse the client. We recommend buyers to get a car loan from their bank and then visit the store. This would help them evade the confusing conversation.

It is essential to acquaint oneself with all possible information and be well prepared before visiting a car showroom to buy a vehicle. Do not let the dealers cheat you.

Be aware and Beware of the smart talks of the salesman!

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