Amazing & Exciting Features Offered By The New-Age ‘˜Smart Cars!’

Amazing smart cars – These cars come loaded with futuristic & practical features, powerful hardware, and autonomous functionality that enhance the driving experience.

From smartphones to smartwatches, and now smart cars, the rapid progress in technology continues to amaze us in more ways than one. 

There is no denying that driverless cars are the future, but there are a host of other enthralling features & offerings that re-invent the way one drives.

Popular car brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Toyota are pushing the envelope and providing new & innovative driving-focused technologies in domains such as fuel-saving, car entertainment, auto parking,  avoiding high-speed collisions, easy navigation, and much more.

Listed below are a few interesting technologies that are already present or will soon feature in high-end & everyday cars and account for a smart car experience:

Gesture Control from Audi

Launched by Audi, the Mult-Media Interface Touch (MMI Touch) allows drivers to input characters merely by using a finger to write on the touchpad. Ranging from keying in phone numbers, entering addresses for navigation, to selecting the playlist of songs, this incredible feature makes it easier for the driver to access the various functionalities while driving. This enhanced gesture control system also supports multi-languages and comes with knob & voice controls.



GM’s 4G LTE Connection

General Motors is the first and the only car brand to introduce 4G LTE connection in its vehicles. Specifically designed for in-vehicle use, the built-in high speed OnStar 4G LTE data network will provide maximum coverage, real-time updates, faster application downloads, and other infotainment options. Further, with its Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, it will also transform the vehicle into a wireless internet router providing seamless connectivity to people who are always on the go. Some of the car models to bring this enticing feature include the Chevrolet Malibu, Spark, Impala, Volt, Sonic, Cruze, and more.



Laser Headlights by BMW

The recently launched BMW i8 is the first car to boast of the innovative laser lighting technology. Touted as smaller but more effective than xenon bulbs, these laser headlights render a brighter & more controlled illumination of the road. In the months to come, Audi will also launch its first laser light enabled sports car.



Heads-Up Displays from Lexus

The Luxury Lexus GS Series brags of its heads-up displays which enable drivers to make use of a special under-dash mounted screen that reflects pivotal driving information such as navigational directions, warnings, speed, and much more. The user can view these details on the inside of the windscreen without taking his/her eyes off the road.


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and there is an array of exciting technologies that aim at delivering the ultimate smart car driving experience. We would love to know from our readers about the futuristic features they wish to have in their next car! You can share your views with us by posting them in the comments box below!   

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