Why Does This Special Tea From College Canteen Make Me Nostalgic

When craving for that special tea from your college canteen, use this recipe to satiate.

It is no news that college and caffeine go hand-in-hand, literally and metaphorically. Whether it’s to stay up for late night studying during exams, or during your evening dates, or that little time you manage to sneak out of your time table for a cup of caffeine in your college canteen, it is a declared fixture in almost four out of five students in college life.

Having said that, I still remember the taste of the milk tea that used to be served in my college canteen. Until final year, I tried by all means, to get that perfect flavour of tea (using my electric kettle), which they used to serve in the canteen, and for which I would sneak some time out, in between my classes, but to no avail. One of the things that makes tea better than any other beverage is that its always refreshing, no matter the time you’re consuming it. Even a tea bag nabbed from cafeteria and dipped in a concoction of water and milk is better and fresher than a cup of coffee that’s there in the urn for hours. The fact that it has lesser amount of caffeine and other attributes like health benefits and taste, makes it more wanted among the young college population.

So special was this tea for me, that I couldn’t stop myself from entering the kitchen and taking a note of how did the cook prepare it. I did have a notepad with me, so as to jot down each and every detail he mentioned about the preparation and smiled eventually. He probably was under the impression that I am an absolute cipher at cooking. Not that I am a great cook or something, but I definitely know how to make a cup of refreshing tea (wink).

In case you’re a big fan of tea, this preparation is simply going to make you feel happy about your culinary skills and if you’re not, well, you’ll turn into one.

The ingredients remain the same. However, the amount is a little different from how I used to make it.

Milk- 1 cup

Water- ¾ cup

Tea leaf- ¼ tsp

Sugar to taste

Method: In a saucepan, mix the milk and water and let it boil until the smell of milk is no longer felt. Add tea leaf to the concoction and let it simmer for a couple of minutes, until it turns slightly brown. Add the sugar and simmer for another five minutes. Your tea is ready.  

What I want you to note here is that, though the ingredients remain the same, this is not “just another way of making tea”. You’ll get the taste only when you follow the preparation instructions carefully.

Though thinking about that tea served with hot samosa pav in college still makes me nostalgic, I am happy about the fact that, there is something to satiate me, while I am lost in the memories of my college life.

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