6 Kinds Of Lies All Of Us Told While Studying In College

Lies we told while in college

Lies we told while in college – College life is the most fun part of our lives. So, your college life might not be as colourful as the kind shown in Hollywood high school dramas or even in ‘Student Of The Year’ but like every other college student, you must have had your share of fun too.

Having fun also means telling lies to get away with or to walk past all the crazy things you do in your college years.

Here are 6 kinds of Lies we told while in college.

Lies we told while in college –

  1. I am sick

If you belonged to a college where the authorities were very liberal with attendance, you had all the freedom in the world to skip lectures and stay a home. Even if you did not do it regularly, there must have been a few times when you lied to your parents and then, to your professors about not being able to attend college because of being unwell.

Lies we told while in college

  1. Bunking college

People bunk college for a variety of reasons – watching a film in a theatre, going for a road trip with friends or just to simply hangout with friends. Bunking is a term commonly associated with college students all around the world. Of course, this is the kind of information which you have to keep away from your parents and college authorities.

Lies we told while in college

  1. Relationship status

People lie about their relationship status for various reasons. Sometimes, when somebody proposes you and you are not interested in them, you lie to them by saying that you are in a relationship even when you are not. Then, there are times people lying about being in a relationship in a bid to appear cool in front of their peers.

Lies we told while in college

  1. Age is just a number

Some people tend to be older than the rest of their classmates. For some reason, they find it awkward to admit that they are older than their peers. While their official documents reveal their correct age, they hide their real age. Some people also do this so that they come across as younger.

Lies we told while in college

  1. Spending money

When compared to school, students do Goa little overboard with their expenses when they are in college.  Their limited money is never enough to cover all their expenditure. When you spend too much money partying, they cannot tell their parents about it. Hence, they fake a reason to cover it up and ask their parents to give them some extra pocket money.

Lies we told while in college

  1. Late submissions

College life involves a lot of project and assignment submissions and there is never enough time to finish them. Once in a while, you end up getting up late to submit a project or an assignment and then, you have no option but to make excuses and lie to your professor. In order not to lose marks for late submission, you try your best to since them that you were not able to submit the assignment on time because of a genuine reason.

Lies we told while in college

These are the lies we told while in college – While lying is not a good thing and should not be encouraged, when you are young, you tend to some crazy stuff and there are times when you have no option but to lie your way out of that situation. Just make sure that it does not become a habit and you do not hurt anybody in the process.

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