Your College Lecturer Is The Best Lecturer If He/She Has These 6 Qualities!


Students, these are quite demanding. With the increasing exposure that they have and the increasing demands of academic life, students wish to make more and more of their terms in college. Especially the ones who are way too serious about their education and careers ahead.

And to meet their goals and objectives, their college lecturers, educate them, train them and equip them with essential skills to become the best that they can. Therefore, college lecturers are one of the most important in a student’s life.

But then again, there are good lecturers, there are average and there are bad ones too.

How to identify the good ones from the rest of the lot? You may ask.

Well, here are 6 most important qualities of modern day college lecturer, that can help you to know, understand and make a good bond with the prolific lecturers of your college.

  1. They Are Always Organised

A good lecturer is always organised for self and also helps his students to do the same. This may involve managing all sorts of student records and their results through complicated spreadsheets with large amounts of data. The key for them to do do is getting this right is to be organised from the start of the year.

  1. They Use The Modern Technology Very Effectively

We are in the era where education is largely based on technological devices and online information. And it makes all the more easy for students to connect with each other and their lecturers to share the information. A good lecturer never gets frightened of technology and changing times. They would constantly make an effort to use the technology in the best possible way, no matter what era or age they come from. For students such lecturers are the best friends because they have something tangible to offer to the students that they can access outside class time. Many are intimidated by the format of lectures and seminars and are initially unsure how to collect information from the lecturers, so having the back up of online lectures, digitised research materials, and links to useful websites are always beneficial for students. They also make good use of emails, when they cannot be available personally.

  1. They Are Never Over Prepared For A Class

As much they are updated with latest research and  information and are well prepared on their subject, a good lecturer is always wary of bombarding the students with too much of information in one class. Hence, they do not over prepare the lectures and spend too much time writing papers for them. Sensible lecturers rely on their practical knowledge of the subject, rather than the crammed information they just mugged a day before. Which becomes quite evident while they take a class, when they share anecdotes and personal experiences from years gone by. Which makes the lectures all the more interesting.

  1. They Learn Names Quickly And Become Friends With Students

It may seem a minor point, but students really do respond better if a lecturer refers to them by their first name. It shows that they have made a personal connection with the student, they remember them and have paid attention to who they are and what they have to say, and it makes the students more confident about the lecturer. It also has the added bonus of being useful if there are any mischievous students in the class. Lecturers can tackle them directly, owing to the friendly connection they have built with the student. They also are able to help their students better, in the time of crisis. Yet, they keep a respectable distance with the students, never interfering with their personal lives, until the help is really sought.

  1. They Never Over Commit

Good lecturers know their limits and they know how to abide by them. They never become too available to the students and keep providing undue assistance for every small thing. They try to instill the value of independent study in students. They understand that their role is distinctly different to that of a school teacher so they try to get the balance right between showing the care being genuinely interested in the learning of the students. They never over commit and show the students, their real status.

  1. They Are Never Ashamed of Learning From Their Students

A good lecturer always knows that there is ample scope to learn from the students. Modern day students have access to a lot of knowledge and information. Lecturers get some fascinating ideas from their students or something they find interesting might trigger curiosity in them. They welcome all of it enthusiastically and participate energetically in gaining such updates from their students.

To end it all, I would like to say that a good lecturer is the one who always the best interest of his students in place. Always there to impart the best education, knowledge and best advices to his students. And becomes a guide friend when there is a need, giving the valuable guidance for life too.

Hope you find these qualities in your college lecturers.

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