Unavoidable Challenges Indian Traditional Education System Faces

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Examination results have been the core need of education, a few decades back which is still on the stream. But as per the need for recent skills for career and self-development, the traditional educational system faces challenges. Challenges are on different forms that reveal drawbacks; related to the students to the teachers or the teaching staff.

The syllabus has been upgrading, but after a certain period, it has created no better platform for students of one decade or more specifically to the underprivileged group in India. Confused between the time they had spent and to the kind of career they will excel. The lack of the bridge between the education system and the opting of career has hesitated an entire generation which is necessary to learn.

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Non-lineal syllabus
Almost all the syllabus of the traditional system observes the non-linear graph, not for a particular age group of students but all classes after they cross the primary studies. Precise interests are on the learning which is necessary to select a better scope in the career. Why is Maharana Pratap Singh famous? It is an important lesson to know about historical legends but simultaneously the coding languages that will help the kids to know and learn about robotics are important. The ability to develop skills to be creative and solving both are less flourishing. Lack of approach to the core of the need for education demoralizes the capacity of thinking and enjoying their career courses at the same time.

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Trained teachers
Teachers should be trained about the procedures to learn about the child’s psychology and treat them unique instead of comparing one to another. Upgrade them through different levels of training that will enable to groom the kids. The monotonous format of teaching for decades has produced nothing better to accept the degrees.

Yes, the top trained and well-certified teachers who are appointed based on their certification. But often the requirements of a good teacher is somewhere missing if they are not able to connect with the child. The inability of a child to understand or approach a teacher regarding their doubts are the major drawbacks. The connection between a teacher to understand their students and the student’s knowledge to learn from their teacher has diminished. Each child is unique and understanding of their psychology matters the most to bring up each student to their top and best level.

Upgrade information, unstable infrastructure

Most of the rural areas do not have the basics requirements of books and types of equipment. Infrastructure lacks teachers, poverty of the people unable them to stay in school. After a certain age, they are removed from the school to earn their livings.

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Teacher and students ratio quantity
The onset of the educational system in India was always uncontrollable when the schools do not have an adequate ratio of teachers to teach the number of students in the school. In a few rural areas, the issue of recruiting teachers or teaching staff is nothing new, it is another uncontrollable condition that is seen specifically in Government schools.
The traditional education system did not provide any major improvement, insufficiency in teaching staff remains the main issue.

The educational system of India has been lacking the need for technical skills and techniques. Apart from it providing basic requirement such as laptops, computers, internet connectivity along with group discussions has been an uncontrollable problem in traditional education. It has been always mentioned as a waste of time!

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