That Info Desk Person Who…

Here are a few of those Info-Desk people you would want to describe as…

An Info Desk person is the one who, for every event, fest or occasion organized by your college, is that guy/girl sitting at a desk providing you all the information regarding the fest.

However, only a countable number of times do you get to know what you wanted to. Most of the times the reply is- “I’ll have to confirm that with a senior” or “I can’t really say” or “I’ll get back to you once I am sure. Why don’t you leave your number with me.” Here are a few of those Info-Desk people you would want to describe as…


The one who looks like a Hospitality Guru


The ‘hospitality guru’ is dressed perfectly, has a perfect smile on the face and makes every attempt at answering your annoying doubts but has no real information. Turning back as Simran did in DDLJ, you might see the smile vanishing and a big question mark on that face. Wondering what wrong, did you ask the InfoDesk person? (wink)


The one who looks like a Journalist-in-training


Seems to be a big fan of cricket, knows nothing about the event. On being asked anything, refers you to the pamphlet in front of him and looks at you expecting you to be his source of knowledge. Gives you gyaan on why you should not miss the event and why is it so important for you. People who reach the infodesk right when the deadline passes receive a puppy look saying- I wish you were here a moment ago.


The one who guides you like a Sports trainer


“You should…” and “You should not…” is present, whenever this one starts talking. Does not really care much about his attire, has a very condescending attitude towards the viewers, but is very friendly when he meets somebody interested or too much into sports. Let me warn you. He is going to judge you by the team you support and will not even give you the essentials about the event, if you’re not a follower of cricket.


The one who acts like a Government employee


Won’t even look at your face. Will continue gossiping with his friends around, who wait for his infodesk session to get over. When you ask about the timing of a certain event, he gives you that look which shouts- You dare to, and will hand you a pamphlet as a reply. The only way to know what you want to, is to leave their territory and look for someone who looks like could help you out.


The one who is similar to a Librarian


Knows about anything and everything. But be sure to talk of only relevant things and things that are not mentioned on the pamphlet. Else you might end up missing the current year’s event.  

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