5 Reasons Why Note Taking And Understanding Is Better Than Rote Learning

Note Taking Skill Is Better Than Rote Learning

Note taking skill is better than rote learning – Learning is a training of the mind and if it’s done with a proper suit then it’s a better add up in knowledge.

Like every other task; learning has its own technique and it’s always good when it is done that way. Isn’t it?

If you are wondering about the technique of learning then let me tell you it’s the note-taking skill. Yes! No matter how much you hate taking down the notes in your notebook; it is a proved correct method of learning. And, remember I mentioned note-taking in notebook and not in your expensive laptop.

In reality, there are many who thinks it’s better to rote-learn the notes from textbooks. And, they even know it is not really useful all the time. Right? If you agree then why even do that? There’s note-taking skill and trust me it helps a lot in many ways.

Wondering, which ways? Well, scroll down and check out why Note Taking Skill Is Better Than Rote Learning:-

  1. You study more with Active learning

Yes! And, definitely it is a good thing for your knowledge dictionary. Right? The reason why note taking in classrooms helps is because when you write down the points it adds into your knowledge growth. And, because of your note-taking skill you even remember the points or important words when needed. In short, your brain recalls it out.

And, if you rote learn it then there are chances you might be not that clear on point.

  1. Better on tests and more creative

If you rote-learn the textbook; chances are you might not remember the sentences even if you’ve repeated them several times. Where in if you have taken the notes by hand then it will help you in remembering words plus you can also elaborate it more.

And, you can also add some more examples to make it more creative in tests.

  1. Better Understanding

The notes taken by hand during lectures are more effective as compared to the direct textbook reading. If you’re taking down the notes than it helps you to understand what you are writing and if you don’t understand then at that moment of time you can ask your professors about it to make it easier.

In terms of rote-learning this won’t be the situation at all because memorizing stuff doesn’t work as compared to the understanding level.

  1. More learning and a faster pace

No wonder, world has replaced the skill of handwriting with laptops. But, still in reality you will learn more only if you write down notes on your notebook instead of typing it in your laptop. Laptop has a lot of option of recording, deleting and stuff but if you are keen into writing in your notebook than even your handwriting speed becomes faster.

An obviously in exam there’s a necessity of writing paper with a pen and handwriting skills acts like a beneficial factor during this time.

  1. Record of information

A textbook has a whole lot of information but have you read it all. No, right? Well, if you just write down the information & points that you feel are important it simply helps a lot and this creates a record keeping base level.

These are some of the important listed points on the topic Note Taking Skill Is Better Than Rote Learning.

What are your views on why “Note Taking Skill Is Better Than Rote Learning”?Comment below.

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