Is Krrish 3 2013’s worst album?

This year’s Diwali release, Krrish 3, can’t boast of crackling songs. Are you a fan of any?

For a movie that’s releasing on Diwali, we expect fireworks. Loads of it. But we are definitely not feeling the songs that have come out of Krrish 3’s stable. We find out if Krrish 3 is 2013’s worst album. Read on.


The title track is juvenile:
When the chorus goes Krrish, Krrish’, it’s as if it’s put together by a 10-year-old for his annual day. With poor production value, non foot-tapping music and utterly lame lyrics, the title track is such a juvenile job that it makes us cringe. Even the kids they probably are targeting wouldn’t enjoy it. My 10-year-old brother didn’t.


Jaded feel:
When you listen and watch the song Raghupati Raghav’, it feels like an 80’s thrash that’s recycled to be used in 2013. The only thing mod is Priyanka Chopra’s red bodycon dress. Even Hrithik Roshan’s master movements fail to elevate this song. Too bad!


No catchphrase:
Despite a catchphrase like ‘God Allah Aur Bhagwan’ woven into the song, it fails to excite us…because it’s terrible. There are no hooklines, there are no funky beats and absolutely nothing classy about the song or album. Rajesh Roshan, the music director, has failed big time.


Nobody knows what they are doing:
In Kangna Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s (supposed) love ballad, Dil Tu Hi Bata, neither of them know what’s going on in the song. If Kangna, in horrendous make-up, is dancing for the audiences…Hrithik, in a terrible yellow shirt and bad hair, is dancing for inanimate objects in the background. Even Alisha Chinai sounds bored as if she’s stifling a yawn while singing this mediocre number.


Songs don’t stay with you:
Long after the song has played, you’re thankful that the agony is over. You’re not humming the tunes or dancing to the beats, you’re just damn glad that you don’t have to listen to it. We don’t know what Rajesh Roshan’s brief was, but this isn’t the same man who gave us Koi Mil Gaya and Karan Arjun, among many others.

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