5 Things You Face In School That Prepares You For Future

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Life lessons – The 14 years that we spend in school from nursery to 12th standard are like the base of our life.

No matter where we go and what we do, the various lessons that we have learnt in school help us in our future.

Here, I am not talking about the academic lessons of math and science, but the life lessons that one just cannot learn without going to school.

So, what those lessons really are?

Well, those are the life lessons that you understand when you face different things in school that prepares you for future.

Here, are 5 such life lessons :

1. Being sleep deprived in exams

If you are still in school, you’d probably think that exams suck because it leaves you with next to no sleep. Well, this is just a beginning because once you enter the real world to achieve something, you won’t be getting much sleep either.

2. Waking up at 6 am everyday

Until and unless you attended evening school, you will know the pain of waking up at 6 am, which sucks even more during winters. But that practice you get during school is what helps you when you put your first step in the professional scenario and work like a robot 24*7.

3. Multi-tasking

We all know how our school life was full of multi-tasking. From focusing on academics to sports to cultural and talk about the art projects that were the most time consuming things of our life. But that prepared us and made us smoother in multi-tasking.

4. Making friends

If not in school, where else would we have learnt making friends. That one thing was really important because if we don’t make friends wherever we go, it will be impossible for us to survive the different challenges of life.

5. Being scolded

Usually we kids are pampered a lot at home but not in school. Whether we make a small mistake or a big one, the teacher always scolds us and that too in front of the whole class. Well, that’s what prepares us to tolerate more such things that always happen in future because the boss at office will not be less than a teacher in school.

These are the life lessons that we learn in school – If you successfully learnt all these things in your school, then I am sure you are leading a pretty smooth life right now. After all, you have been prepared for 14 years to face the rest of your life.

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