5 Things You Must Tell Your Parents Before It’s Too Late!


They are the reason of our existence, they are the people who brought us in this world and they are the people we just can’t live without.

Yes our parents, the most selfless humans!

We all have had different experiences while growing up, but the fact that our parents stood up for us every single day, is something we will always remember.

But not everyone is blessed with that! Most of us are lucky to have our parents by our side, and we must always value that.

Today I am going to talk about things you must tell your parents before it’s too late!

So better say it now or regret it later…

I appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me!

You know how much they have sacrificed for us. Just to fulfil our needs and even our stupid wishes, they even gave up on their needs. Admit it, sometime you just say thanks in your head rather than telling that on their face. Hug them, tell them how much you appreciate whatever they have done for you. We can’t give back what they have done for us, but just letting them know we care might mean a lot to them. Thank them, make them feel special, I guess that’s not too much to ask for, right?

I’m sorry!

Sorry for hurting them when you were a teen, sorry for taking them for granted, sorry for not calling them when they were missing you the most. And sorry for everything you did once that hurted them the most. It’s ok, at the end of the day they’re your parents and they understand their kids like no one does. We all have been mean to them at one point or the other but saying you are genuinely sorry for those things might make it easy for them to forgive you.

I don’t want to lose you!

I literally have those nightmares about losing them, but that’s a reality and a fact that they won’t be around with me forever. Don’t be so busy in growing up that you forget your parents are growing old too. Tell them how important they are to your life, tell them you appreciate their presence in your life, tell them how much you are afraid with even the thought of losing them. Always express your emotions to them, don’t just keep it inside, because you never know if you’ll ever get a chance to say it to them some other day.

 I love you more than anything else in my life!

You think they know it, so why to say it? Wrong, don’t you say I love you to your girlfriend/Boyfriend every single day? Then why can’t you say it to your parents? I am sure they know you love them, but try to tell them every single day how much they mean to you. Tell them they are a blessing and you thank your stars for giving you such an amazing parents. Just don’t be shy and tell them today that you love them.

Whatever I am today, it’s all because of you!

You taught us how to love, you taught us how to live, you taught us every little thing about life. Thank you for making me learn how to walk, and for every little and big things you taught me that made me the person I am today. Whatever you’re today it’s all your parents efforts. They have done so much for us, atleast you can give them the credit. Tell them they are your heroes and that whatever you are today, it’s only and only because of them.

So are you calling them right away to say these things?

We love and value them the most, but sometime we get so busy with our life that we tend to forget to even call them.

And that’s wrong. We can’t be that busy that we don’t have time to even call them.

Take out time for the most special people in your life- Your mom and dad!

And someone truly said- Yeh toh sach hai ki bhagwan hai, hai magar phir bhi anjaan hai…Dharti pe roop ma baap ka, us vidhata ki pehchaan hai! 

Kudos to all the parents around!

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