This Story Of Our Country’s Richest Woman Beggar Will Leave You Stunned!

Richest Woman Beggar

Richest Woman Beggar  – In news media, you must be coming across information that show that these industrialists are our country’s richest person so and so.

But, today what if I tell you that this woman is our country’s richest beggar? Yeah, you might think like “Beggar” and “Rich”.  You might come up with this question too – Is this is a joke?

Richest Woman Beggar – 

Richest Woman Beggar

Well, let me clear it – This is indeed a reality and not a joke.

Patna’s Sarvatia Devi is one of the most famous beggars. Well, she’s not famous because she begs, but she is famous because she’s not just Bihar’s rich woman but she is India’s richest beggar. Hearing Sarvatia Devi’s name along with the term “beggar”, please do not think that she’s not smart enough. Because, even though she begs, she has impressed many people with her intelligence and maturity level.

You will be surprised to know that Sarvatia Devi pays Rs 36, 000 premium every year. This clearly indicates that she’s smart enough to know that if tomorrow she’s incapable of begging, then this money will help her out to live life.

Not only that, in future, to live life happily without any difficulty, she has already done all its arrangements too. In Patna, she owns a house. Let me tell you that this woman who begs mostly in trains has a property of nearly 10 Lakhs.

Similarly, there is another woman like Sarvatia who came into the limelight because of money. Her name is Rama Bai. Well, she is an old lady who lives on the street. But, she has no shortage of money at all.

She came into news when a thief stole her bag and ran away. Later when the police caught him and opened the bag, they were all surprised to see so much money in there.

In reality, there were 18 thousand coins in the bag which clearly indicated that she earns money through begging.

That’s why if you still think that beggars are just “poor beggars” then get away with it. Because, this thing that you’re about to read will literally blow your mind.

Similarly, there is another rich beggar like Sarvatia Devi and Rama Bai. His name is Bharat Jain. It is been said that this man is our country’s richest male beggar. He earns nearly 75,000 per month through begging.

He is not just a 75k earning beggar, but there’s so much more to his story. He lives in an apartment that is worth Rs. 80 Lakhs. He owns a shop too but instead of working there he is busy into begging scenario and thus he has lifted his own shop on rent. Every month, he earns more than Rs 10,000 as a monthly rent.

Once again, let me remind you, that there are many people out there who work nearly 10-12 hours and are still incapable to earn 2000-2500, whereas there are beggars who easily beg for about 8-10 hours and earn 2000-2500 easily.

That’s why, before it gets too late, change the perception of poor beggars in your mind.

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