Cleaning From Home To Village And Town – Youngisthan’s An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India

Cleaning from home

Cleaning from home – We have just celebrated Diwali and now we are preparing to celebrate chhath. Our festivals bring joy alongside high energy.

This is the golden opportunity that we use this high energy to give higher pace to our campaign for Clean India.

As we make plan to complete our task of cleaning our home in given time similarly we have to carve a time bound plan to clean our village and town.

First of all we have to identify the corners or intersections where there is possibility of collecting waste or garbage the most frequently. After removing unnecessary weeds and garbage, that place may be decorated with floral or green plants. This would do the purpose of beautification of that most visited space. This would also help to reduce the chances of garbage at the same spot in future.

To clear the roads from dirt and waste material is significant. But more pertinent issue is not to allow the garbage being in open or collected  there in an unruly manner.

Therefore it would be advisable that a dustbin is properly placed there. More important is to make sure that the waste material or garbage is not spread out of the dustbin. Better to have a dustbin above the ground level and with proper cover too.

To keep the space clean, the clearing up of the dustbin at regular intervals is essential.  The clearing up can be done two times in a day, that’s morning and evening.

This is noteworthy that this big task to keep the space clean cannot be left to be done by the state government only. The units of local self governance have to contribute to achieve the goal of Clean India. And every citizen has to play a positive role to keep the cleanliness in her or his own capacity. We have to try to reduce the waste and garbage at our own level.

All citizens’s role begins with direction and supervision along side being awaken enough not to cause spread of garbage in open.

We are sure that our campaign to create clean spaces would be successful with blessings of elders. We want to spread our wings from home to villages and townships. We want to create model clean spaces to be replicated as soon as possible. We want these success stories to motioothers to keep their homes , mohallas, villages and townships clean.

We have to start cleaning from home  – This would bring healthy life style and peace and prosperity to One and all.

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