Capitalism Is In The Root Of The Growing Problem Of Beggars In This Country!

Beggary Problem In India

Beggary Problem In India –

On one hand, India is continuing to step with the developed countries, and on the other hand, beggary in this country is becoming a major problem.

However, now it is not a new thing in India.

If you take a look back at the pages of our History, then you will know that there were beggars in the past too.

But the format that is currently present today is entirely different. Earlier, the men who use to come out and beg used to do it on a purpose of gaining money to lead a life of devotion. But today the beggars shamelessly demands money while begging to fulfil their basic needs.

The increasing number of beggars in the society is not really surprising, nor is it unique. It seems that the country’s democratic system may inspire their growth. Due to the country’s capitalism policy, the poorer sections were left behind; therefore for a living they started begging on the streets.

According to the survey, after 1991, there was an increase in the number of beggars. This was a period of growing beggary problem, when capitalism was imposed on in the name of economic liberalization not only in India but everywhere else too.

While it motivated the rich people to earn more and more money, on the other side, there was greed in the minds of poor people.

The person who already had the money had no difficulty in collecting the luxury, whereas the poor people did not have much space to stay in this arrangement.

Well, because they neither had the capital, nor they had the technical efficiency which is the first condition of the capitalist system.

The path of country’s development increased, along with it boosted marketism, but still the number of beggars kept increasing. Although many attempts were made to stop this, but it didn’t really became a way of life, but instead in front of the society, it is became a form of new business.

This is the only reason why you will find beggars in big cities, who come here in search of employment from their respective villages.

As they didn’t had any new education to say in this system, nor any technical efficiency. For this reason, there is also a great reason behind the increase in the number of beggars.

According to the survey, there are nearly 200, ooo beggars in Delhi. If their income is noticed, then their estimated business is about Rs 215 Crore annually. This is just about Delhi, but you can easily find out the industry’s turnover in India itself.

In a developing country like India, this profession is encouraged due to lack of adequate employment. Well because, during the change of development, most of the hurdles are on the uneducated and unskilled people.

This is the root cause of the beggary problem. Perhaps this is the only reason why sometimes you see people who are educated but without jobs. That’s the only reason why many people do not hesitate to join any profession later due to tiredness.  

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