Causes of Cyclone and its Effect To Damages on the Earth

causes of cyclone wb

Causes of cyclone rising from beneath the sea have erupted to destroy earth several times in the past times till modern times. In millions of years when we look into history we can find the expanded changes due to the heavy storms and cyclones. Cyclones with extreme strength to destroy the entire region are known as tropical cyclones. Earth has experienced typhoons and hurricanes which are considered to bring severe impacts

Causes of cyclone and effect on India

Cyclones are caused on the surface of the sea with the counterclockwise circulation of the seawater. The tropical winds that appear randomly it is the low pressure that should be blamed in the tropical or semi-tropical areas of the sea. Movement of the cyclones is in the circular stream this is because of the inner low atmospheric pressure which pulls the water to rotate. Rotation and low atmospheric pressure would not have been a problem unless it turned to develop severe winds drawing energy from the warm water of the sea. finally after achieving a monstrous strength the cyclones tend to landfall. 

Cyclonic winds with rain and landfall have led to severe damages as observed for several years. After gathering strength the water speeds up with its circulatory rotation.

 Causes of Cyclone and effect on India 

It was in 2019 that India faced a large hazard due to cyclone with the major tropical cyclones that developed from the sea coasts. Round the year India got hit by almost three major cyclones at the different coastal areas. Millions of people were homeless and several lands were drowned underwater which led to damages to agriculture. 

Seawater is salty so it can be assumed that the saltwater which covered the agricultural regions of the coastal area is still suffering for unfertilized soils.

 “Fani” which means the bite of a snake the name itself states that it has been suggested from Bangladesh. The formation of this super cyclone Fani was at the center of the Bay of Bengal heading towards the northwest which hit eastern coasts of India. Finally the coastal regions of the east, Orissa, and West Bengal with coastal areas have been severely been damaged greater part of landfall was in Orissa after which the cyclone started to weaken.

Another cyclone is “Vayu”, this time it was the coastal region of Gujarat that saw the severity. The depression turned to grow stronger at the Indian Ocean whose effect was in Gujarat. The state was swept away by the storm that hindered the life of thousands of people.

causes of cyclone wb

Bulbul was another strongest, determining the causes of the cyclone was the depression that developed at the Bay of Bengal which once again blew the coastal areas of eastern zone, effectively at the coasts of West Bengal and Orissa. 

Bangladesh was badly affected as in the eastern region during the onset hitting hours of the Bulbul and Fani. 

While causes of cyclone are for the low pressure or depression, which can build its strength to sweep away the entire region but all the cyclones of 2019 have lost their strength and weakened down after or during the landfall. 

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