Do You Know That Flipkart Fooled You On Big Billion Day?


With the help of some over the top advertising and hype on the internet, Flipkart has yet again succeeded in fooling people in the name of its Big Billion Day sale.

By creating an illusion amongst people that they are giving extra-ordinary deals that will go as low as Re.1, they wooed all online shopping junkies on their website. Of course, no one was there to shop for those Re.1 products,they obviously looked out for their favouriteones and bought them too.

As they showed on the home screen of Flipkart, there was around 50-70% discount on all their favourite products which included some deals as well. But how many people actually received the deal that was offered to them at the time of the sale? Well, not many. Right after Big Billion Day was over and the products were delivered to the customers, there was a lot of disappointment and everyone started to share their horrendous experiences on various discussion portals.

While someone brought a phone that offered cashback and free 4G sim, it was just the phone that was delivered to him on cashback and there was no sim included. On enquiring with the customer care department, Flipkart declined that they didn’t have any such offer and the only thing that was offered along with the phone was cashback.

A regular customer was planning to buy a phone from Flipkart for a long while and he knew the prices that it was offering. But just a day before the sale, he noticed that they increased the prices of all those phones and then slightly reduced them on the sale day. You know what the worst part was? The price during sale was more than what it was offered at on usual days. So, was it just a scam run by Flipkart to increase its sale for 3 days?

Another frequent online shopper noticed that the prices that Flipkart was offering under 50% discounts on Big Billion Day were way more than what some other portals like Amazon and Snapdeal were offering usually. They stacked up the prices and then showed a discount so that people get attracted because of the numbers. What not one noticed is that same product is available on other sites for a much lower price than the sale price on Flipkart.

Though Flipkart made money during Big Billion Day, they really lost some of their loyal customers and a lot of potential ones because of the rough experience that people had with this 3 day sale.

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