10 Things You Feared in Your Childhood That Make you Laugh Now

Childhood had been the most beautiful time of our life and we all want to time-travel to that time to relive those moments. We were innocent, happiness descended upon us by doing small and silly things. We were like the raw clay dough waiting to be shaped and alas! That time will never come back. Since we were more vulnerable to things back then, we had some fears that have no logic but we shrunk in fear by the merest mention of them. Here are some things that we feared in our childhood that induce laughter now.


Remember? How those lifelike mannequins standing against the shop pavements gave us the chills? Some of us eve hid our face behind mom once we caught a glimpse of them. How we thought their creepy smile was real. Lol


Mothers always fabricated stories about the ‘Boogie-man’ staring from the orange-ish street lights to lull us to sleep. We were such fools to believe in Boogie-man’ s existence.

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial:

Remember the weird looking alien from Spielberg’s movie? How we believed he lives in the backyard and will take us hostage if we refuse to eat our food. Silly us!


We avoided wearing Mermaid pyjamas fearing the Mermaid fairy will turn us into mermaids. It was every toddler’s common fear back then.

Zhu Zhu pets:

We almost fainted from fear seeing the Zhu Zhu pets, the electronic hamsters bounce. Those were battery operated but somehow we refused buy the fact that they weren’t alive.


Most of us were afraid of butterflies, especially after knowing how they mutated into butterflies from those eerie silkworms.

Nana Patekar:

This may sound hilarious but Nana Patekar was a reason to fear for most of us after watching his grey character in Agnisakshi. His unkempt beard was another reason feeling uncomfortable in the stomach too.


Because most horror movies features dolls being possessed by ghosts first and being found out by the children first, it always gave us sleepless nights.


After watching the Aahat series, we barely could look into the mirror after lights were off and we were sent off to bed for sleep.

Santa Claus:

We woke up in cold sweat in the midnight thinking Santa Claus is coming to eat our feet but he seems equally naïve to us now. Lol.

We all encountered these fears in childhood, much or less. These fears are a significant part of our childhood and made memories nonetheless.


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