These Crazy Co-incidences Will Happen To You Only Once in a Lifetime

Crazy coincidences

Crazy coincidences – Co-incidences are involuntary.

They can either scare you out of your wits’ or leave you in tear-jerking laughter. Co-incidences can happen to the same person in a different time and different place.

Take for instance, you were absorbed in the thoughts of the person who makes your heart aflutter and he bursts into your sight just then, a small but emotionally rewarding experience that would be. However, in view of the rapid spurt of social media bragging, people share many images of their sweet co-incidences and some of them are so distinctly unique that you can’t expect them to happen more than once in a lifetime.

Here are the Crazy coincidences :

1 – Same pinch:

This man seems really fond of birds and while he was reading a book regarding birds, the tiny birdy descended in the same page seeing its identical counterpart. That’s a heart-warmingly cute co-incidence we must say!

2 – This refrigerator though:

This one can turn your soda bottle into a nuclear reactor which will blast and freeze to create a snail-art. That’s one-fridge-wonder I tell you!

3 – The perfect employee ftw!

The lonesome statue wanted a look-alike to stand by it and there he is in tow. The commuters walk by leaving them the onlookers. This co-incidence deserves a hands down really!

 4 – Moon that side:

What happens when you seem to leave Earth’s atmosphere and reach the Moon, well a signboard leads you into that as you can see in this picture.

5 – A beauteous green meteorite:

This co-incidence is worth a million dollar. When a Swedish photographer wanted to capture the Northern lights, a Green meteorite made his grand entry there, only to leave his jaw-dropped and without delay, he captured it in his professional camera. The result is before your eyes now!

6 – When god gives you ‘chappad phar ke’:

Caution: If you are an egg-lover than this picture might leave you jealous but then that is the collateral damage of social media. The maker here got 3 twin eggs, one by one, whose chances of happening are only 0.0003%.

7 – Why this Kolaveri di?

A gentleman found a torn Australian debit card in a hotel in Greece. There were name, valid dates, and first 6 numbers that the card was bearing were very much similar to his own card.

8 – The Sapphire Lobster:

Have you seen, or at least heard of a Blue Lobster? No? here, take a look. A gentleman caught this Lobster and chances of catching one of these are 1 in a 100 million. You can close your mouth now!

9 – The Dadi amma swag:

This gentle lady has a fashion sense to die for. And she chose this wallpaper fabric to wow us completely!

10 – The guy has a mysterious connection? Highly suspicious!

Well his number plate is akin to the number in his tee shirt which is not a simple co-incidence. He seems to have a mysterious connection with this number!

11 – This is super cute:

When cookie met monster in the right place and time over a drink!

These are crazy coincidences – Stop scratching your head there and believe in co-incidences.

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