10 Signs You Are Meant For Something Bigger on This Planet

We always feel like we are trapped somewhere we are not meant to be. Sometimes our happy chemicals don’t flow and everything seems so gloomy. We feel like we haven’t achieved anything and there is still way to go. You are not alone, most of us feel stuck in the rut. It is very human to strive to soar above the mediocrity. Fear for the intimidating banality of life stems from the hunger of change and if the following signs describe you, you can look forward to great things in future:

You are never satisfied with the moderate:

You are the kind of person who loves changes. You want to above and beyond everything and don’t accept the status quo.

You are not afraid to take risks:

You are always prepared to embrace failures, in the same line as the great leader, thinkers, entrepreneurs and game-changers, to learn new lessons.

You feel inspired and don’t laze around:

Whenever something inspires you, you like to jump in action. You make calculated decisions to figure out when to take action. You combine intuition and your rationale to take good decisions.

You would do for free anything that you love:

People who achieve greater things in life start with doing what they love and love what they do eventually. They love their work so much that they would even do it for free, well sometimes. They know that it will pay them back in future in ginormous amount.

You are an entrepreneur at heart:

People who are meant to do bigger often feel constrained while working for others. They will, instead build their own brand and be their own boss.

You are an optimist:

You always see the glass as half-full, come what may!

You have focus:

You never lose focus on your best ideas. Our minds are usually swarmed by many a ideas but the successful people can distinguish their priorities are focus on them instead of wasting time on flimsy things.

You dream big:

You have a vision for the future. You want to change the world and contribute whatever little you can in that. You harness your positive energy and take action everyday to make it happen.

You learn a new thing everyday:

People who are destined to become successful are always the apprentice. They are a sucker for knowledge always, even though they have achieved a big feat.

You help others grow:

This is a surefire sign that you are here to make a change. It takes a lot of courage extend a helping hand to the people that really need it. You believe in the golden rule of life: when you give, you receive.

Let us tell you in a hushed tone that you are here to be an inspiration for m

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