Who Really Has The Balls To Exploit Screwed-up Real Life For Cinematic Gains, Again And Again?

Mahesh Bhatt

A good story always makes a good film!

To find a good story, that’s where the real talent lies.

Most of the story writers, directors etc. are always in search of a story that will connect with the masses, that has an entertainment quotient that will get bring audiences to the theaters and what not. I said ‘most’ because some of them only rely on the star power, discarding the whole concept of a script in a movie and you all know who we are talking about.

For those who really like a film with a strong content will acknowledge the fact that all great films ever made have had some personal touch to them, be it from the director’s side or the writer’s side. Of course, the personal experiences when interwoven with an interesting story will lead to an entertaining watch.

And the master of such stories which are more or less autobiographical is none other than Mahesh Bhatt!

Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt makes movies from real life stories.

He is one director who has had a totally screwed–up life while growing up and even during his youth, but he didn’t get depressed because of it. In fact, he is so smart that he exploited his own miseries, his own painful life to make profits out of it. Not only money, but an immense amount of critical acclaim fell in his lap. No doubt, he told those stories very artistically and keeping in mind the cinematic medium, but still it requires guts to remove your masks and get naked to reveal your true life for audience’s voyeuristic tastes!

He started with Arth which showcased his real life’s romantic liaisons and then upped the ante with Zakhm! Zakhm was based on the extra-marital affairs of his dad with his mom and can be said to be one of the boldest movies to have ever been made. Not only is it a classic, it is also responsible for giving Indian cinema the intense actor, Ajay Devgn. Before this movie, Ajay was only known as an action hero with no substantial movies in his kitty. This flick just made him a thinking intense actor who can just work wonders with his drooping eyes! All credit goes to Mahesh Bhatt!

And he is back again! Another movie based on the romance of his dad, mom and step-mom, is soon going to be released and will have Emraan Hashmi along with Vidya Balan in the main leads. Aptly titled, Humaari Adhuri Kahaani will be an emotional saga of love told from a son’s point of view!

Hamari Adhuri Kahani by Mahesh Bhatt

Hamari Adhuri Kahani by Mahesh Bhatt

This is definitely bold in a country where we still think of parents as equivalent to God instead of just human beings with their intrinsic strengths and weaknesses!

The first still of the movie is out and it will release on June 12th and definitely promises to be a must watch given the talented actors and the fact that Mahesh Bhatt himself has written the film. Interesting fact is that one of his nephews, Emraan is starring in the movie while it is directed by another of his nephew, Mohit Suri!

Mahesh Bhatt - Emraan Hashmi - Mohit Suri

Mahesh Bhatt – Emraan Hashmi – Mohit Suri

Deadly combination, what say?

Really hoping that he does justice to a subject close to his heart, instead of commercialising it just to earn some more bucks!

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