Who Is This New KAPOOR On The Block? Armaan Jain?

We talk about the launch of Armaan Jain, grandson of legendary Raj Kapoor, as an actor. He gets added to the ever-expanding list of actors belonging to the Kapoor family ruling the Indian cinema over four generations!

Armaan Jain, who?

You must be wondering! And how is he a ‘Kapoor’?

Valid questions.

Let me inform you that Armaan is the new hero on the block being launched in his debut movie, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, in a couple of weeks from now.

He is paired with another newcomer, Deeksha Seth.

As far as his being a ‘Kapoor’ is concerned, well, he is the grandson  of legendary actor-director, late Raj Kapoor! Unlike his cousins Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor who are the children of Raj Kapoor’s sons, Armaan is the son of Raj Kapoor’s only daughter, Rima who got married to investment banker Manoj Jain!


Now you can very well imagine the pedigree he belongs to and how much his name and relations matter in the industry.

Just like our country as a whole where family legacies running into various generations is normal, even in acting, this tradition holds true. It is really exciting, admirable and worth wondering as to how does this family keep producing one actor after another?

It is like a designer factory manufacturing one superior class of actors after another who keeps entertaining us all through their lives!


The whole family is coming out to support the new kid and market his film. On one hand Ranbir participates in a friendly soccer match to promote him, while on the other hand, the whole family including his doting sisters Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor venture out at the music launch in their gorgeous avatars to capture the world’s attention! It seems they are leaving no stone unturned to make sure his debut is like a dream come true and give him a smooth sailing.

However, does he actually deserve it?

Or as a matter of fact, do we, as an audience really deserve him or want him?

The film will answer all this and more, but for the sake of debate, is there a dearth of non-filmy actors in the country that special treatment is given to someone just because he belongs to a family? Even if he is talented, there must be many more deserving talented actors looking for that one break that can change their lives. Mr. Armaan Jain, you are definitely getting a great opportunity, don’t flip it away!

Till now in his interviews, he doesn’t sound arrogant or scandalistic but he is not sounding or looking extra-ordinarily promising either! Just a connection to the famous family is more or less doing the major talking here!

Let us hope this perception changes after the film is released and he succeeds or else he can always excel in one favorite pas-time of the whole family- Eating!

We are waiting for you, Armaan, with so many armaan(s) in our eager hearts! “winkwink”

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