Who Can Save Us From John Abraham?

John Abraham will play a footballer in his next movie for which preparations are on. Just because he loves soccer, does it make him the authority on the subject and gives him enough credibility to play one of India’s first soccer stars?


This word is enough as of today to get all those adrenaline junkies into super-action mode.

Of course, they are less than the cricket fans in our country but soccer mania is slowly but steadily growing.

Capitalizing on this very trend is none other than John Abraham!

You read it right guys, he has plans of making a film on India’s football great, late Sibdas Bhaduri. Sibdas had captained Mohun Bagan side in 1911 against North East United FC in the IFA Shield Final and ended up defeating them, the first Asian team to accomplish such a task!  This is a worthy achievement of an Indian team and a story that needs to be shared with the rest of the country.

However, we want to ask John with folded hands and genuine concern: Why John, why? Why are you planning to inflict so much of torture on mere mortals like us? Wasn’t one movie based on football that you acted in enough to fulfill your ambitions? Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal was the movie he did which bombed big time! Guess, his dreams of playing for the nation never came true and so he is trying to re-live his dreams via movies. Can somebody explain it to him that we are paying our hard-earned money to watch entertaining cinema, not to see his stupid antics on screen? It is sheer frustration to watch him discuss football for free on TV these days, one can wonder how it would be to bear him for 2-3hrs inside a dark cinema hall trying to act! Is universe listening to our prayers?

We, however, really applaud his genius production mind for providing us with gems like Vicky Donor and Madras Café. Even this football-based film is also a great idea but like those two productions, he should better get his brain cells working in the right direction, which is stay behind the camera! Why to act? Looking at a walking-talking mutton-shop is as such a “heavy sight” for us, now to watch him run and show wooden emotions, it might cross the boundaries of collective patience we have had with him!

No doubt it is Shoojit Sarcar who will be directing this movie but it still doesn’t lessen the fear factor or should we say the irritability factor about John acting in this movie. He should rather do Dhoom or Dostana kind of movies where his female fans can drool about his body or guys go gaga over terrific actions sequences. Playing part of someone who is a National hero will be a hard nut to crack!

Well, the preparations are on full swing; let us hope better sense prevails. May be Shoojit can extract some performance from him. Other options can be: John gets sanity or some miracle happens so he gets some acting skills, even if on loan, from some real performers of the industry.

Farhan Akhtar, you listening?


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