Vidya Balan’s Bobby Jasoos Trailer: Will She Show Us Another Dirty Picture?

Discussing first official trailer of Bobby Jasoos : if you have a gorgeous and sizzling detective like none other than Vidya Balan, people would be standing in a long queues outside her abode to hire her!

So what’s cooking eh..!

Well this seems to be the most happening question doing the rounds. Isn’t it?

We all love to know what is happening in other people’s lives and for that we sure can gossip all day and night with our friends, family and colleagues. Some people go a step ahead and hire professional detectives to snoop around. But if you have a gorgeous and sizzling detective like none other than Vidya Balan, people would be standing in a long queues outside her abode to hire her!

It seems Vidya took her un-official job of searching for her husband in her previous flick, Kahaani, a tad bit too seriously. That’s why she has taken up a full-time job of being a detective in her next venture, Bobby Jasoos!! And boy, she is going to dazzle us all, not only with her ethereal beauty but also with her unending supply of talent. The trailer for Booby Jasoos is released guys. And it’s a must watch. It offers an inviting palette.

Give us the opportunity to give you a little detailing of the intriguing canvas.

Well, Dirty Picture’s dirty girl’s inspiration for this role must have come from those days when journalists used to bust her hideouts where she coochie-cooed with her then lover, Shahid Kapoor! Those days are passé, for now she is happily married to SRK. Oh no, not Shah Rukh Khan but her beau, Sidhharth Roy Kapur. Enough spice in her life to bring some of it on-screen with this new offering.

Talking of spice, she must have had loads of fun shooting for this film. After all, shooting in Biryani capital of the country, Hyderabad, over umpteen plates of delicious Biryani, can only add lots of flavor to an actor’s craft. And one can definitely savor different flavors of Vidya, oops, different get-ups of Vidya in the movie. She has gotten into the skin of her character so deeply that in some get-ups, one can’t even recognize her. This can be a good idea in real life as well; she can sneak on her co-actors or actresses and find out juicy gossip about them. Or even better, she can herself have some spicy fun without anyone knowing it is her, what say guys??

Well, coming back to the movie’s trailer! It looks like a fun-ride and Vidya is totally in her elements. From trying to get a job as a detective to the stage where she opens her own detective agency, and then getting cases on her own merit, it is an out and out Vidya Balan show. But she has got able support in Ali Fazal of Fukrey and 3 Idiots fame. The guy looks decent, hope his performance is impressive as well.

With this movie, Vidya will be doing a good deed as well by helping out-of-work actress-turned-producer, Dia Mirza. The smartest thing Dia seemed to have done in her entire career till date is signing Vidya for this awesome-looking movie!!

Now whether Dia benefits out of this movie or not, we as audiences are going to be supremely entertained by this new venture, for Vidya is one actress from whom we can only expect sensible, entertaining cinema, again and again!

So don’t try to hide your secrets, this Hyderabadi potti (girl) will detect it for sure! 

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