Top Bollywood Couples Who Look Uninterested In Each Other

Bollywood has always has been a hot bed of romance and hot stories.. Our exclusive takes on top Bollywood couples who look uninterested in each other. Wonder why? Read on.

Bollywood has always been a hot bed of romance and hot stories.

Now the funniest bit is that couples in Bollywood are not always made for each other. Some are married; some live in for a while, some other take love as blind and go the extra marital way. We bring to you a different take on couples who are with each other or once were, yet look disinterested and detached. Read into this roller coaster imagination of ours.

Karishma Kapoor-Sanjay Kapur– Before their marriage went kaput; there had been two daughters and loads of rumors about the pair. When Lolo married Kapur, we were surprised but the point remains that the two looked like chalk and cheese. Perhaps the two were too engrossed in their own worlds to come across as a couple. A marriage of convenience, did we hear that term before? Perhaps that is the reason Sanjay is now seen with girlfriend more openly and more happy than he was with Karishma. We just thought if they could have realized their differences earlier! 

Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif – Yes the two might look wow separately on magazine covers but we feel they look years apart as a couple. Yes Kat does look too old and dominating while Ranbir appears too kiddish. Well, we really cannot decide their stars but as a star couple, the pair does look slightly less interested at least in each other. Now most of us think Ranbir is Kat’s pet and is on to letting her take all his decisions after marriage just like his mom takes now!

Uday Chopra-Nargis Fakhri – What got the two together is a matter of worry. The couple looks so off putting that we barely believe that they are in it merely because of love. However, the sultry Fakhri is indeed too hot while Uday too thanda, by our standards. Perhaps, he is more sociable than elder brother but looks as disinterested. Fakhri could have managed a better man but Chopra sure could bring in a bevy of movies. Let us hope they go long and have a public wedding unlike Chopra Elder and Rani Mukherjee.

Harman Baweja-Bipasha Basu– The Bong babe looked oomphy with Dino Morea and then John Abraham. However, she looks too focused on her Yoga instead of Harman. The latter is as clueless as he was when with Priyanka Chopra. The disinterest quotient between the two is high on our meter. With his last film being a flop, we hope Bips looks at him and starts rejuvenating back some lovey doveyness!

The saga of love goes on in Bollywood but often the couples choose wrong.

That alone is the reason for splits and fights. Perhaps understanding how a couple looks when they are together is the key to judging how deep their relationship is. While we have the liberty to change our minds, couples doing that would mean that they are fall outs, remember? 

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