Banning Films Is Not Only A Debate In India… Check Out Films Banned Abroad

Films banned abroad due to religious controversy – Films produced are banned in many places outside India as they have zero tolerance towards the religious sentiments.

PK debate is not only one case.

Soon we might see the under production ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ starring Salman Khan in a fix.

The director of the film Kabir Khan has already started getting threats from the group of extremists.

One more film might have a problem if the sequel happens.

Yes the sequel to the 2012 movie OMG Oh My God as per reports is under production and might hit the theatres sometime next month or so. The film faced strong protests from Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal for hurting religious sentiments.



One key note amongst all the protests is that the film OMG faced problems even outside India. It was banned in United Arab Emirates.

If you thought India is the only country that has religious issues or is sensitive to reality cinema, well then you are highly mistaken.

Films produced are banned in many places outside India as they have zero tolerance towards the religious sentiments. Let me list some examples here:

The Da Vinci Code (2006 movie) created lot of controversy. No am not talking about where all it was banned in India, at least the film wasn’t banned in the entire country.

This movie was completely banned in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, etc. Pakistan went a degree more calling global ban. The film was criticized for blasphemous content about Jesus Christ and the Catholic organizations condemned it.



Noah (2014 movie) was banned in Indoneasia and Malaysia as per reports of hurting religious sentiments. Depiction of Prophet is against Islam and the film was banned for its visual depiction of the Prophet.



2012 Bollywood movie Agent Vinod was banned in Pakistan.

The film was banned as it showed ISI’s involvement with the Jihadi groups.



Pakistan had even banned the movie ‘Tere Bin Laden’ (2010)

It even had talent from their country Ali Zafar playing the lead role.



Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End (2007) was specially censored for the Chinese audience.

There was a special censorship for the movie to be filmed in China. The portrayal of the actor Chow Yun Fat hurt the Chinese sentiments as they felt it was a stereotypical negative portrayal of Chinese people.


Although protests and censorships over sentimental issues have been in news worldwide but India is expected to be different.

Of course we are different. We have the largest democracy and the last General Elections showed the power of democracy in india.

Being intolerant and violently reacting to things just contradicts and questions the very democracy we boast of.

If a film is in public domain then it is apt for the masses to view it or discard it.

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