The Shocking Story: 5 Plausible Reasons of Kapil Sharma’s Breakup With Yashraj Films!

Kapil Sharma lost out on the movie debut offer from Yash Raj Films! These are speculations and no one knows the real reasons but one of them has to be true. Only time will tell which one!

There are some shocking events that take time to sink in.

Kapil Sharma’s sudden ouster from Yash Raj Film’s Bank Chor is one such saddening and shocking event that came out of nowhere and knocked the daylights out of his fans! Just when the hype was growing bigger and bigger about Kapil’s dream Bollywood debut, comes this terrible news. It looks like sudden brakes have been applied to his uninterrupted meteoric rise to name and fame.

We gave a lot of thought to what could have possibly gone wrong and came up with five most plausible reasons for such an upsetting break-up!


Given Yash Raj Film’s penchant for class and secrecy about their on-going projects, the social media tiff between Kapil and a wannabe nobody Kamaal R Khan must have jolted them to the core. After the public spat, Kapil even apologized to his fans for using bad language and for even responding to Kamaal but the damage was done! May be the YRF people wanted to keep Kapil’s macho image a secret till the movie’s release but the Twitter wrestling mania poured water over all their such plans.


Another reason could be that Kapil couldn’t get a female lead opposite him! Yes, he is a good comedian, a decent looking man but Bollywood queens are made of something else. One such sex-siren Nargis Fakhri allegedly laughed off the proposal to act opposite Kapil. More than him, this might have hurt YRF guys, giving them doubts about their own intelligence of even thinking of such a weird casting coup! May be to cover up, they would have thought, let’s change the hero! So simple, huh?


Kapil has been in a tug of war with the channel hosting his show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, about the number of weekly episodes. Channel wanted to increase them, while he wanted them to be reduced. Now, YRF team would be standing on the sides just waiting, watching and wondering what they have gotten into! Neither the channel nor Kapil lost the war, as it still goes on, but maybe YRF lost their patience! Wars are ugly with disastrous results! Kapil might have just experienced it first hand! 


 Maybe it is due to Kapil’s fading popularity. Is it actually fading? Well, probably not but his show is definitely not getting the kind of hype and popularity as it enjoyed in its first year! YRF guys were BANKing on the show’s and Kapil’s popularity to make BANK Chor, kind of piggybacking Kapil’s BANKability as a crowd-puller but it seems they cannot DEPOSIT enough time for better returns!


Lastly it could be a case of biting more than what one can chew! Even as YRF is loaded with work, Kapil is also finding time as a luxury given his foray into endorsements as well. A rising star, an established star-production house and their individual time-constraints! How can love blossom between the two? In fact YRF’s official statement also mentions about working in the future at the ‘right time’!

Well, it clearly isn’t a happy news but we feel that sooner or later both of them should come together to entertain us!

They owe this much to heir fans, don’t they?

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