The Biggest Ever Film Promotion Campaign Is Launched By Shahrukh Khan: Slam! The Tour!

The biggest film promotion campaign being launched by Shahrukh Khan for his next biggie, Happy New Year! This can be called as the most innovative campaign ever designed on such a huge scale.

Every time Shahrukh Khan embarks on a project, he strives to make it bigger than the previous one.

In the process, he breaks some norms and creates some new benchmarks.

Such is the case with his next flick, Happy New Year! This Farah Khan directorial venture has been in the right kind of news for some time now; however, Shahrukh has suddenly raised the temperature by going real wild as far as the film-promotion is concerned. 

We all know how aggressively films are promoted these days with stars of the movie travelling to different cities, visiting various reality and fictional TV shows and doing what not! With Happy New Year, Shahrukh has given the film promotion a totally different tangent. He is taking the complete cast of the film with him to the USA and Canada on a tour, aptly titled, Slam! The Tour. This almost 10-day tour to various cities across America will have these guys come closer to their global fans, shake a leg with them, entertain them and make sure that enough buzz is created for their film.

Shahrukh himself sounded damn excited when he said, ‘Here’s a tiny glimpse of what we plan to bring to your city with SLAM! The Tour. There’s love, laughter, joy, madness, action, and a whole lot of happiness. I am excited to be there with my crazy gang of ‘Happy New Year’ and my colleagues Farah, Deepika, Malaika, Abhishek, Boman, Sonu, Vivaan, Kanika and Honey Singh. So get ready to be SLAMMED this September’.

Now, some people might be wondering how it can be exciting for guys back home in India.

Well, slowly but gradually Bollywood movies have been earning a lot of their revenue from outside the country. Not only that, Shahrukh has as many fans abroad as in India, in fact he is a true global superstar from India! To en-cash his popularity, he needs to meet his fans out there and woo them to watch his film. Another angle is, the more his movie earns the more money he will have to make more movies which can lead to more entertainment for his fans! Whether he will make sensible movies or not, is a matter of debate!

The first show of the tour is slated for 19th September and the trailer for the same does look exciting.

After 10 long years, Shahrukh is going to perform live in America, let’s see how the fans react to his latest extravaganza!

Wish Shahrukh spread real happiness associated with a Happy New Year!

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