Super Luxurious Vanity Vans Of These B-town Stars Will Blow Your Mind!

Luxurious vanity vans

Luxurious vanity vans – Vanity vans now have taken new forms and styles that best suit the needs of every individual. They are all no longer boring or simply built in the classic way. The space inside the vanity vans are designed in ways that it becomes a cozy and comfortable place for the person being inside it.

Look at these Luxurious vanity vans of our Bollywood stars, that will make you say OMG! I Am sure that they would make you jealous looking at their lavish vanity vans.

Haha, just kidding!! Take a look at our Bollywood stars most luxurious vanity vans.

Luxurious vanity vans –

  1. Ranbir Kapoor

Simple, yet a spacious one is the second home for the actor. Themed in the simplest way, got the posters of the actor’s favorite movies of Hollywood. The van is said to have a amazing music system – that the actor says rejuvenates him after the hectic shoot schedule. The space in the van has all the personal stuff of the actor like the couch, make over table and chair. Simply, simple and cool in it’s own way.

Luxurious vanity vans

  1. Shah Rukh Khan

King Kong got the most lavish vanity van designed. And guess how much it would have cost the actor – 4 crores. Yes! I know, by now you might have started feeling poor😉The vanity van that the Badshah owned, took about 2 months to be the way he wanted it with all the super functionalities inside it. It has a master bed room, a gym, a make over space for the actor.

I wonder how a vanity van become such a lovely place with all the desired functionalities.

Luxurious vanity vans

  1. Akshay Kumar

Restrooms, entertainment zone, massage chair, make over zone are the different areas that the actor has got in the vanity van. Being the man of simplicity, the actor preferred comfort and in the simplest way.

  1. Alia Bhatt

This little cutie has got the vanity van designed – girly way. Made with vibrant colors and patterns that reflect her simplicity, yet cozy.

Luxurious vanity vans

  1. Hrithik Roshan

This ‘tech geek’ has got all his favorite gadgets installed in his vanity van. LED screen that the actor uses for entertaining himself, a lounge, office, make over space form the major part of his vanity van.

Luxurious vanity vans

  1. Ajay Devgan

The outer look of the actor’s vanity van complete slays. The van has got the most unique and stylish outer look. This vanky van has got office, a lounge to rest, gym, and kitchen.

Luxurious vanity vans

  1. Salman Khan

The actor has got the most luxurious vanity van for himself, that has a office space, restroom, a picture portrait of the actor himself. The specialty of his vanity van is that it can even carry his car anywhere along with him. Super cool! Isn’t it?!

Luxurious vanity vans

So, these are some of the super cool and luxurious vanity vans of our beloved Bollywood stars. By now you all must have been feeling poor. Don’t be!! Our beloved stars deserve the best, for being the best.

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